When you are renting out your premise or house for paying guest accommodation or other purpose, then it is your responsibility to ensure that you did all the safety check and make the premise suitable for living. Accidents are never welcomed, but if you are not performing the bare minimum essentials to take care of the safety issues, then in a way you are inviting one, which sometimes may prove to be a fatal ones. Be it you are providing the paying guest accommodation in Secunderabad or anywhere across the country, you are responsible for the safety of your premise and this issue can be addressed in a very simple ways if you just glance through couple of stuffs

Enhancing The Safety Quotient Of Your House Before Renting It Out For PG

Fixing the Cabinets

Many houses have cabinets installed at the height to ensure better floor space. This type of arrangements are common in hall as well as kitchen. Before renting out you must have a check that the cabinets are mounted properly and it a proper hold so that it does slip and hurt anybody

Fixing the Roofs

Every house has a roof and every city has a house available for paying guest accommodation which the landlord has inherited from his/her parents. This concern not only caters to the old houses, but also applicable for new properties too. The roof has to have a solid foundation. Even if you have a house which could be old or newly constructed and you want to put it up for paying guest accommodation in Ghaziabad or any other cities or metro, ensure the roof is strong enough to ensure that it doesn’t break down, which otherwise could prove fatal, not only for your tenants, but also for you


Never take chances with electricity earthing since without proper earthing there is a chances of shot circuit which can cost the lives at any point of time. Ensure that the earthing is done properly. Another aspect of the earthing not been done properly would be the vulnerable exposure of your house to thundering during monsoon

Electrical Wirings and MCPs

The extended concern is Electrical wirings and MCP boards. Your house can turn into a shock chamber if this concern is not been taken care of properly. Open sockets are not at all advisable and now a days it is also recommended to opt for MCP boards, since they automatically cut off the power connection if there is an overloading. Moreover, if you are having microwave, AC, fridge etc. which consumes high electricity make sure you have specific switch boards catering to their power consumptions requirements

Check on the Gas Cylinder

Many unwanted accidents can be avoided if this has been taken care off in time. Make sure that the gas stove you are using are safe and without leakage because a spark is enough to blast the house

The gadgets definitely make our life easy, if they are serviced and handled properly and Prevention is always better than Cure…