Indian jewellery has immense varieties. Here various kind of stones and patch works are transformed into unique designs which when one wears can make them look completely different.

Handcrafted temple jewellery is one type and there are other varieties as well to choose from. In fact, one can face a lot of dilemma on what to buy and what not when it comes to handcrafted jewelleries. Here are some options which one can take a look at if they decide on buying handmade and traditional jewelleries in India.

Exquisite Handmade Jewelleries Are Priced Individual Possessions

Antique Jewellery

This is mainly named to those varieties of jewelleries which are not made these days. Some specimens have survived generations and are still on the go. These are exquisite and rare pieces which one mainly possesses as a family tradition. The old charm of these pieces is the main attraction. Though they have old designs they have a special place in your jewellery box as they hold a lot of emotions.

Bead Jewellery

This one’s origin has been dated back to the Indus Valley Civilization and bead jewellery is actually a five thousand years old art which are still very much in fashion at present. At past the beads were carved out from clay, copper, gold, silver and ivory but at present the beads that are carved out to make modern jewelleries are done from woods. This is a very fancy set of jewellery to possess which goes very well with Indian attire.

Custom Jewellery

This is made in such a design which depends on the customer’s requirements and choice. The designs are more personal than the trends happening in the markets. Here one can choose everything from the metals to the designs and every little details and the jewellery maker creates exactly what the customer wants.

Filigree Jewellery

To make this particular kind of jewellery, silver metal is needed. The silver is used as a base here and the designs have plenty of minute details. This one is a much priced possession and one can turn other people’s head towards them by wearing a neck piece or a pair of earring to any occasion.

Ivory Jewellery

The name itself suggests the material used to make this one. Yes, it is made from the tusk of elephants. Not only exquisite in nature, this type of jewellery also has a traditional value. In fact in states like Gujarat a bride needs to wear bangles made from ivory during the time of their wedding. The designs are delicate in these kinds of jewelleries and they are engraved so beautifully that they make an artistic piece.

Kundan Jewellery

This kind of jewelleries made its way to popularity during the time of Mughal reigns in India. Here the craftsmen took this art from Delhi (the centre of Indian rule) to Rajasthan. At present, Rajasthan has become the hub of this particular type of handmade jewelleries.

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