There are many factors that determine the success of an eCommerce website and it could depend on the quality of the product catalogue. It is an essential consideration when we want to build an eCommerce website. However, product catalogue can be significantly neglected and it could be based on feature sets, graphic design capabilities and price. When choosing a platform for eCommerce, price can be quite essential. $10K should be a realistic starting point if we want to have a highly successful eCommerce solution. High quality graphic design is essential and we also need a proper brand reputation.

Solid eCommerce solutions should give potential customer a great sense of confidence. In this case, we should have an easy to navigate, usable and clean design. It would be useless trying to impress people with overly-designed website, because they will get bored or even annoyed with it. In fact, many successful eCommerce websites have very simple layout. A good practice is to check the website of the top players in the industry and this should allow us to determine the proper styles. We should be able to borrow some of the more important features. In fact, a simple eCommerce website with effective features is more preferred.

When developing an eCommerce website, we should create a proper outline for the catalogue. As an example, we should incorporate proper categories and sub-categories for users. In this case, it is important for us to consult with SEO specialists. The category name should also be the phrases and keywords that people use when they are looking for specific products.

It is also important to carefully consider our navigational structure, because it is integrated with our categorization. Categories could actually bring traffic into our website, because they are pages that can be indexed by search engine bots. So, it is important for us to get things right during the development stage.

Although a big catalog can be useful, we shouldn’t bite off more than we can chew. It is more preferable to create a complete catalogue, instead of a big one. With good catalogues, we should be able to lay claim for primary keywords naturally. It means that we can develop content quickly for hundreds of products and this could boost our SEO performance. Successful salespeople are known for comprehensive knowledge on products and we should also provide well-crafted descriptions and quality photographs in eCommerce website. User manuals, instructions, specs sheets and brochures could play a big part if we want to convert people and create real sales.

When building eCommerce websites, we should make sure that we use unique content for each product description. It means that we can’t copy content directly from the manufacturers or the competition. If we do this, we could receive penalty from Google and others major search engine services. A good strategy is by cross-selling and up-selling our products. Google successfully adds “also install”, “related apps” and “from this developer” in Google Play store.

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