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Extend An Extra Caring Hand To Your Elderly Loved Ones With These Personal Alarms

In today’s technologically advanced era, highly functional telecare equipment like lifeline phone based alarms are being used to help the elderly loved ones of a household to live an independent life. People have become very busy with their own life – career, bills, children, etc., that it has become quite difficult to be there 24/7 for their elderly loved ones.  Even with the help of a trained caregiver, a part of your mind is already occupied with the constant thought of not being there for your elderly loved one in case of an emergency.



Why Are These Personal Safety Alarms Needed?

With their increasing age, elderly citizens become more vulnerable to falls and such other accidents. Fall is one of the leading causes of death among elderly citizens and majorly because of the lack of immediate medical attention. Besides, people with over the age of 60 years become more vulnerable to diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. Considering these factors and the sensitivity of the whole scenario, you need something which gives certain assurance of the safety of your elderly loved one. Personal safety alarms offer you the feeling of being there for your loved one with their high-tech sensors and functionalities.

Benefits Of Personal Safety Alarms

Locating Your Loved Ones



There are a few personal safety alarms that come with in-built GPS technology. These alarms are extremely helpful for taking care of your elderly loved ones, especially for the ones with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. GPS-enabled personal safety alarms can help an elderly citizen to live an independent life without worrying about their safety. With the help of these alarms, you can exactly locate the wearer in case of anything unusual or an emergency.


Immediate Medical Attention


With the help of the “panic” button or lifeline phone based alarms, the wearer of personal safety alarms can seek the help of their loved ones as well as a medical assistant. Survey says that many cases of falls and several others result in fatal end dues to the lack of immediate medical assistance. With the help of personal safety alarms, you can rest assured of the safety of your elderly loved one and be there by their side in case of an emergency.




Much unlike to what it may sound, personal safety alarms are very easy-to-use and carry around. Most of the personal safety alarms come with a user manual that helps its users to make the most of them. They are easy to carry around which ensure the safety of a wearer both inside and outside the house. Some of the reputed providers offer personal safety alarms that can be worn around like a pendant. These alarms also allow two-way communication which becomes very helpful in emergency cases.

There are many such benefits of using personal safety alarms. Make sure to check only for the ratings and reviews of a product and the reputation of a provider before buying personal alarms from them. Ensure mental peace, independent living and the safety of your elderly loved ones with personal safety alarms.

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