Majority of individuals today, use electronic items from the house of Apple and a very fascinating electronic gadget from Apple is its macbook pro. Some of the tips and shortcuts for using your macbook in a better way are mentioned in the below section of the blog.

4 Useful Tips To Best Use An Apple Macbook Pro

How to rename large batches of files at once

When it comes to renaming a single file, it might not seem as much of a tedious task. But, when it comes to renaming a large batch of files, all at a single time, then it seems to be a very daunting and time-consuming task. But, this can be done much easily if you own a macbook pro, you can do this within seconds. All you have to do is select all the files that you wish to rename and then click on rename. This will lead you to three different options, of which replace text is the one that helps you to change the name.

How to add signatures to documents

Almost everything is going digital today and therefore, oftentimes you are supposed to attach your signature to certain digital documents and this often causes a lot of pain. For doing this, you need to open the application where you wish to sign using the application names preview. Following this , you need to click on the pen icon at the corner of the screen and then you will have to select the option of Create signature from the built-in iSight. Using iSight you can turn on the webcam of your macbook and scan the signature signed on a plain sheet of paper.

How to switch within multiple windows within same program

There are some magic keys that will help you easily switch within multiple windows and that too within the same program. By using Cmd+tab you can switch between your programmes. But if you have three different word documents open at a single time, then there will be a different shortcut to help you. By using Cmd+~ you can switch between the windows of the same programme.

How to instantly look for a word in dictionary or thesaurus

Are you really fond of reading random things on the internet? Then you must have witnessed this situation, where you came across a particular word and you didn’t know the meaning. Or sometimes, while writing or typing something, you wish you could use better word for the same thing and you wished to use a thesaurus? Both of these things can be done very easily by making use of the dictionary and thesaurus that is present in the OS of the macbook. For doing so just take your cursor on the word you wish to search upon the dictionary or thesaurus, now you need to press the keys cmd + ctrl + D and you are good to go.

Apple is a trustworthy brand a number of people mainly rely on the same. Oftentimes, you will require Macbook pro repair centres which are present in plenty in Hamilton. Following some of the above mentioned tricks you will be able to handle and operate your macbook in a better way.

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