The power supply system of the desktop at your office or home is like the lifeline of the system. No matter how advance or latest your system is, but if something happens to the customized power supply of the system, then even the most advanced system bite the dust. There are many Pcs that lie waste, as their power system crashed and replacing them isn’t easy because they are specially customized to cater the power requirements of such systems. In order to avoid the same fate for your system, here are a list of alternatives that you will find extremely helpful.

There are two ways in front of you to get the system back to its working condition depending upon the time you can wait as well as the budget you can spare. The first solution is both time as well as pocket-friendly. However, the catch is that the same or a different problem may arise sooner or later bringing you back to square 1. The second option involves you to spend a bit more, but the upside of indulging in this path is that the chances of encountering the same condition are fairly rare.

Solution 1: If you know the power supply of your system well, or if you have someone that can have a look at the same and guide you accordingly then this is a more feasible option.  All you need to do is get the replacement of the damaged part from any local used part supplier. I know they do not last long and do not come with a warranty, but if you wish to run your system by the EOD, then this is the only option. As getting the customized power supply parts is not easy. As they are not manufactured in bulk by the industries so, to find the right part you might have to visit a lot of stores.  The other way to procure the parts is to order them online but, the wait time for the parts to arrive is approximately 3-5 business working days. For most of us, the wait means that we cannot use the machine for at least 4-6 days and that is not at all feasible. However, if you get the parts from a used part store and then order them online that way not only you will be able to work while the part arrives also, you have a contingency plan for such cases in the future.

Solution 2: Well, it is no mystery that the power supply for the system is crucial. And if you have recently upgraded the machine then you might plan to use it for at least a year or two. Then instead of just getting the repairs done, you can replace the entire chassis of the power supply. To undergo this process there are a few things that you need to take note of:

(a) Motherboard: The new chassis need to be in accordance with the motherboard.

(b) Processor: The power supply is compatible with the processor you are using.

(c) Memory and Video cards: The power supply can provide enough power as not to hamper the smooth functioning of the memory and installed video cards in the system.

(d) Power cables: The power cables are of high quality and can withstand the load without getting excessively heated.

(e) Plugging panels: The panels are compatible both with the main power source and the system requirements and if there is a need for a transformer to either step up or step down the voltage, then make sure you adhere to your system’s requirements.

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