Samsung smartphones turned to be best among different countries and in no time, people started preferring Samsung smartphones to other big brands like Apple even. And now Samsung is going to prove more with the next release in form of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the fifth generation device in the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

In the past released and most recent released Samsung smartphone, we have observed lots of new things and more comfortable apps. Even some unusual apps or specific use app like S Health, according to the tradition begun in the days of Samsung Galaxy S IV, First, the interface of this application is also simpler and more concise, but got new features. There is no more impressive panel with all the possibilities, they gathered on the “My Page” in the appendix. However, in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge, S-health would have additional set of features.

Galaxy S6 Edge, as in the Galaxy Note 4, there are sensor that can report UV radiation. But the thermometer with a humidity sensor, it seems, remain forever in the past. But this is not the main thing in new features S Health. The key, in my opinion, an update – is the emergence of cross-country training programs (there are three, are focused on fans, but still cool that they are), healthy nutrition programs and “sliders” that allow disabling unwanted rubbish in the menu. “Friends” application is still only gadgets Samsung Gear, Garmin and Adidas. And now Samsung promise to overcome the small issues and would give the experience to the new users with all new set of apps with wide range of features and it would all happen after the release of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

In general, S Health is very nice, and people actively use some of its functions, when our hands are on the flagship Samsung. But to completely switch to it only few would be ready. Because jogging people generally use their my favorite app (miCoach), though it is curved and oblique, but there is for all platforms, not tied to a single vendor, there are a lot of programs for different tasks, and it already has a large database. Further improvements in the new TouchWiz and associated apps would definitely attract more consumers and that’s the only Aim of Samsung. So, Samsung has to prove all these things to be true with the next launching Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Who would be best? The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy Note 5 Edge is still a big question, and the consumer would be definitely get attracted to some unusual device which would be definitely the next Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge with dual curve edges display and an amazing built.