Most of the people might expect the new invention of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5, and this is amazing news for Galaxy enthusiast. This Galaxy Tab 5 is a latest version in the Galaxy world, and in each year, the Samsung Company would release new collection of Samsung Galaxy Tab devices. Always the Samsung Galaxy keeps a leading position in the marketing when compared to others. This new version of Galaxy Tab 5 would have many features and specification; all are expecting the release date of Galaxy Tab 5. You could able to experience more application in this Galaxy Tab 5. The previous version of Samsung Galaxy Tab is Galaxy Tab 4. You could believe the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5; the designing part of Galaxy Tab 5 could be too outstanding to look. Hope the price of Samsung Galaxy might be inexpensive than others tablets of the market, but it are not sure. Always the company profit would depend on the rate of sale. When you are talking about the performance of Galaxy Tab 5, it could be more efficient and fantastic.

Release Date

All people in the trendy world would expect the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5, the company of Samsung Galaxy would launch this new version in the month of May or April in the year of 2015, this is not confirmed, this is only expectations. The Samsung User should keep their patience up to Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 release.


In this Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 it would have some special specification, the Galaxy Tab 5 would be available in 3 different displays sizes that are Tab 5 7.0 inches, Galaxy Tab 5 of 8.0 inches, and Galaxy Tab 5 of 10.1 inches all are would have a 1080p display this is common for all niches. The previous version Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has very low type of resolution display. The Galaxy Tab 5 would have snapdragon of 800 chipset and Quad core of 2.4GHz; this is a processor, which used to improve its performance. In addition, the new version of Galaxy Tab 5 would have a RAM memory capacity of 2GB. The onboard storage capacity of Galaxy Tab 5 is 16, 64 and 32GB, along with an HD display. The capacity of its battery would produce 4200mAh this would give long time performance. The primary camera would have 13MP and front camera would have 5MP.


The special features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 could be dust proof, shock proof, and waterproof. This could be the great and amazing plus point in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5. You could download more application and software by using this Galaxy Tab 5. It would have two types of camera that are primary and front camera, you could take more photos by this option, and all are stored in Ram memory. This would give novel and sweet experience to the users. The interesting feature in Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 is ID button and android fans.  This is going to be a very fast and a very slim tab and is also going to be very durable than others.