Every once in a while throughout the history of sport we have been graced with family connections that have left a mark on their respective sports. It is easy to understand why the DNA of a great sports star may continue down through the bloodline but as the son or daughter of a legend, these can be big boots to fill. Despite the pressure that comes with having a famous sporting sibling or parent, these children have often gone on to emulate or better the success of those who have gone before them. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous sporting families.

The Elways

Jack Elway was once a highly though of quarterback who was entering his second year of college when disaster struck and he was forced to retire as a result of an injury to his knee. Unperturbed by the injury, Elway would go on to become one of the all time great college coaches who also helped to shape the European football game to be what it is today. What Elway Snr failed to achieve thanks to the injury, his son John would, and during his 16 years at the Denver Broncos, Elway Jnr won back to back Super Bowls, was awarded MVP in the first and finished his career as a Hall of Fame NFL player. Not satisfied with this glittering career,Johnthlenbecame Denver Broncos general manager and guided the team to Super Bowl success.

The Noahs

Yannick Noah was a dominant tennis player who throughout his career racked up 31 titles including the much coveted French Open, the first homegrown player to win it in over 30 years. Son Joakim was raised in the United States and decided not to follow in his fathers footsteps as a tennis player but rather to pursue a career in basketball. After being picked at sixth in the draft by the Chicago Bulls, Noah junior has gone on to become an NBA All-star and widely regarded as one of the best defensive players in the game.

The Nortons

Ken Norton is a hall of fame boxer who fought during the golden era of boxing in the mid 70s, he was crowned WBC World Champion in 1977 which he held until the following year. A beast in the ring, Norton is most notably remember for his split decision victory over Muhammed Ali. Son Ken Norton Jnr did not entertain a career in boxing like his dad and preferred to play football. The weight of expectation on his shoulders clearly made no difference as the linebacker went on to become the first player in NFL history to win back-to-back-to-back Super Bowls for the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers in 1992, 93 and 94.

These are just some of the biggest sporting families in the world, amongst many others throughout the world of sport and it will be interesting to see what the sons and daughter of today’s stars become.

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