Following the trend will never be enough. It is because the modern taste always grows behind people’s dominant preference. Just like the modern home which is day by day improve based on people’s need and taste. While, sometimes, in order to make something looks differently, you just need to go back to past time and look what are the uniqueness you can bring for now.

The vintage nuance is never boring for any time. Vintage nuance can offer different impressions depend on the detail and color dominance you apply for your home. If you are a man, the vintage nuance can stun from the navy color which is matched with wooden old furniture, with the accent of a sailor or gothic. Meanwhile, for a woman, the vintage style for the home interior is very easy to apply. Anything in pastel colors, flower patterned, the usage of ribbon ornament, all of them are what you need.

If you want a new nuance for your home interior, you do not have to change everything. Just remove or add with some things which are identical to vintage style. Here are some home ornaments and furniture you can use as the part of vintage style decoration.

Hanging the old suitcase as aid box

If you found an old suitcase of your grandmother or grandfather, you can check whether it is able to be used for the time in advance or not. the vintage suitcase can be hung on the wall and is used as the aid box. It is okay if the lock is already broken, you can attach the additional lock to prevent the light faces the medicines.

Using the jars as the candle places

The candles inside the jars can also be employed as the drawers ornament. You can place them in the bathroom and use the therapeutic candles instead of the ordinary one. the jars are also nice for the flowers’ vase.

Hanging chandelier for the living room

Chandelier is often being the center of interest in the vintage living room. If you hang the chandelier, the overall looks of your vintage living room can be boosted up and the atmosphere feels warm.

Reusing the traditional crib as the bench

The traditional crib made is very nice to be matched with simply designed cushions. You can hang the magazine storage on the bars for ornament as well as the place saving.

Changing the curtains into flower-patterned

The flower pattern is the essential in vintage nuance. However, if it looks too feminine, you can substitute with other patterns as long as they look ancient.

Pastels wall painting

Most importantly, the wall painting is the thing you should manage. The overall appearance of your room is determined by the wall color. The furniture and the ornaments should follow the wall color nuance. Make sure that although the wall color is different from the furniture’s color, they have similar nuance. The contrast color will make the interior style of a mess.

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