It’s a very simple mistake, but can still happen. We may rent or borrow a car. Due to our unfamiliarity, we could fill up a diesel car with standard unleaded gasoline. This is certainly a big problem. Diesel engines have different inner working, compared to gasoline engines. They have very tight tolerances and its fuel pump works differently compared to gasoline-powered cars. Diesel engines have higher internal pressure and they ma reach up to 1600 bar. Diesel fuel also works as lubricant. It ensures that the there’s no friction between moving internal components, even at higher rpm. So, when we use unleaded gasoline on diesel engines, they won’t be lubricated properly. It means that there would be direct metal-to-metal contact when unleaded gasoline is added. When metal surfaces grind against one another, the abrasion process will produce tiny fragments that contaminate the gasoline. This further accelerates the rate of abrasion. Metal fragments may also enter the fuel system, causing blockages and other issues.

Compared to diesel fuel, unleaded gasoline actually works like solvent and it could degrade seals in fuel system. This causes seals to lose their sealing ability and they need to be replaced. If we accidentally fill diesel cars with unleaded gasoline, they will start. However, after moving for a short distance, the engine will stall. This happens when the abrasion has caused tiny fragments of metal to block the injector. As a result, little fuel will reach the engine and it will stall. If we realize that we have put in the wrong type of fuel, it is important to avoid starting the engine. In fact, it is important not to put the key into into the ignition. We may accidentally turn on the electric fuel pump, causing unleaded gasoline to enter deeper into the system. In this case, we need to push the car, so other drivers are able to use the pump station. After we do this, the next thing that we should do is to call in the expert. Some diesel cars experts have the skill and experience to deal with this kind of mistake. However, we should make sure that these experts will use the right method. If we haven’t started the car, the problem can be solved quickly by draining the fuel tank.

Even so, the mechanic should check the condition, to determine the extent of the problem. After unleaded gasoline has been removed from the system, we will need to use the right type of diesel fuel to flush out any remaining trace of unleaded gasoline. Although it may sound simple, it’s something that should be performed by professionals. The diesel fuel should also flush out any fragment and blockage caused by abrasion inside the engine. After the procedure has been completed and the fuel tank has been filled with the right type of fuel, we need to use our eyes and ears to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with our car.

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