The forfeiting of assets is one of the most powerful tools that are used by the law enforcement agencies to punish criminals who have acquired wealth in an illegal way. FBI however does not however use the asset forfeiture tool to punish all criminals. It is only done to punish a certain group of criminals and if you want to know more about the various reasons for the asset forfeiture, then given below is a list of those reasons:

  • It is mainly done to punish criminals who have acquired wealth in an illegal way.
  • It is done to deter the illegal activity.
  • It is also done to return the assets to the victims
  • It is done in order to protect certain communities
  • It is also done to remove the tools from the hands of the criminals
  • It is also done to disrupt criminal organizations

In case anyone has forfeited your property illegally, then you can always hire the services of a reputed Adam Quirk FBI in order to ensure that a proper investigation is done and you are able to get back your forfeited wealth. If you hire the services of a reputed private investigator like Adam Quirk, then he will work with your attorney to produce the relevant documents in the court.

There are three types of asset forfeiture and given below are the types discussed in details:

  • Civil judicial forfeiture: This is a judicial procedure and does not require any criminal conviction. It is a legal tool which allows the law enforcement authorities to seize a property which has not been acquired in the legal way. In this case there is an action taken against the property itself and is not against any individual. In a civil judicial proceeding the individual has the right to contest the seizure of the property through proper trial proceedings
  • Criminal Forfeiture: This forfeiture is a criminal prosecution of the defendant and here the government takes away the illegal property and files a case against the property as well as the criminal who has illegally acquired the property.
  • Administrative forfeiture: Though there is a related criminal case, but most of the administrative forfeiture remains uncontested. This type of forfeiture mainly occurs when a property is seized and no one claims to contest such seizure.

The most important purpose of the FBI in dealing with the asset forfeiture cases is to return the asset to the victim. So in case you have issues related to the asset forfeiture, then do not hesitate to get in touch with a reputed private investigator Adam Quirk FBI. This reputed private investigator will make sure that he is able to return the assets to the victim and will also ensure that the criminals are punished for their doings.

A reputed private investigator makes sure that he is able to deal with most of the criminal cases and having a work experience with FBI, will ensure that he is able to solve the case most efficiently and the time that he takes is also minimum.

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