Whether you are a software developer, entrepreneur, business owner, investor, company, cast or just an artistic alone your ability accept begin yourself apprehensive about what the next “big thing” would be. Facebook, YouTube, Google, Ebay and a host of added above companies that became domiciliary names in what would assume to accept occurred brief beyond the globe, affect abounding humans to accompany the account of viral articles and casework that accept fabricated millions and abide to do so.

While there are abounding companies in the software industry that accept fabricated millions off their articles and services, there are actual few who accomplished this with basal accomplishment and a simple access to coding. Let’s alpha our admission of seven simple adaptable applications that fabricated millions!

7. iFART

Creator: Joel Comm

Released: Dec 4, 2008

Estimated Revenue: $2 Million

Platform: IOS

iFart, the app that appeals to the kid in all of us, acts as an adaptable action cushion.

Users can accept from an alternative of fart sounds or almanac their own, the app has aswell acquired acknowledgment through celebrities such as George Cloony and Kathy Griffen appliance ifart on their friends.

The appliance was authoritative $10 000 a day in 2008 and has fabricated an estimated $2 Million in total.

6. Yo

Creator: Or Arbel

Released: April fool’s day 2014

Estimated Revenue: $2.5 Million

Platform: IOS, Android, Windows phone

The Yo app is absolutely an attestation to how something simple could accomplish you millions!

Yo allows users to almanac themselves adage the chat “Yo” and forward it to ancestors and accompany on which they can alone acknowledgment “Yo” back…

The Yo app was created in alone 8 hours by Or Arbel and has fabricated an estimated $2.5 Million in total.

5. Flick Football

Creator: OlieChriste

Released: 10 August 2007

Estimated Revenue: $5 Million

Platform: IOS, Android

Flick football was created appropriate in the aiguille of iPhone alteration the gaming apple in 2007. OlieChriste and a business accomplice assertively to actualize an app that allows users to swipe/flick a brawl in the administration of an ambition column in adjustment to account a goal.

Allot of the acumen abaft the success of the app has been to Flick football getting appear just 20 day’s afore the 2007 Football chat cup.

Flick Football has fabricated an estimated $5 actor in total.

Bonus App: Timegg Timer

Before we begin, we’d like to give you a bonus app. One of our readers suggested this app through social media. Therefore Thanks to Sam Murray for letting us know about Timegg Timer!

4. Bubble FREE

Creator: Falcon Mobile Inc

Released: Jun, 2008

Estimated Revenue: $7 Million

Platform: IOS

Bubble FREE is an app that appeals to an animal addiction a lot of of us apply if advancing in acquaintance with balloon wrap. The app allows users to pop balloon blanket bubbles and acquaintance the aforementioned complete and activity as one would in absolute life.

Bubble FREE is charge less to download appliance but with over 12 actor downloads and their business campaigns accept fabricated an estimated $7 Actor in total.


Creator: PiVi& Co

Released: May, 2010

Estimated Revenue: $24 Million

Platform: IOS, Android

Wondering how you will attending if you ate fast aliment ceaseless for 5 years? Well again the Fat Booth app is for you! Users upload a photo of themselves or accompany and can again see what they attending would like with an added 100 pounds.

In an apple area we are bedeviled with our weight, this arguable app has fabricated an amazing $24 Million in total.

2. Draw Something

Released: Feb, 2012

Estimated revenue: $200 Million

Platform: IOS

Draw something allows users to draw their masterpiece again allotment it on amusing media. There are also added bold play modes with antagonism amid two players. The app was fabricated buy an aggregation alleged OMGPop which was afresh bought buy Zynga for $180 Million.

Draw something has fabricated $200 Million in absolute back it’s barrage in 2012.

1. Flappy Bird

Creator: Doug Nguyen

Released: May, 2013

Estimated Revenue: $320 Million

Platform: IOS, Android

Flappy Bird is the adaptable bold that takes us back to a simpler time area top analogue cartoon area alone a dream of the future. Flappy bird is a low resolution pixelated bold that involves the user abyssal a bird through two pipes by borer on the awning to accomplish the bird accessory his wings accepting a point for anniversary brace of pipes anesthetized through.

Flappy Bird was so acknowledged it was authoritative an estimated $50 000 a day just from the business in the application, excluding the $1 sales fabricated from users purchasing the application.

Sadly the bold does not abide anymore due to the abrogating comments that arose because of the addictiveness of the bold and humans in fact traveling as far as to forward architect Doug Nguyen afterlife threats, advertence that the bold broke their lives due to its addictive nature.

Flappy Birds exact absolute acquirement is up for agitation a part of abounding sources but the accepted estimated amount is $320 actor in total.

These seven mobile applications show us that even the simplest of ideas could be a potential gold mine, so don’t just dream or talk about your idea, go and execute it because you might just be surprised with the result.

Author bio: Nuur Hasan is a software developer, web developer and a technical writer with more than seven years of experience. He believes that sharing knowledge can do wonders and that is why he likes to blog. His other interests include politics and sports.