The Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer, Honda made immense strides in the automatic scooter segment in our country thanks to the very popular Honda Activa range of scooters. The very first model, Activa I was loved by everyone and its success continued with the Activa 3g. Now, Honda is back with the latest model in the Activa series, the Honda Activa 125.

Honda Activa 125 Review – A Complete Look Over On Its Features

This scooter has improved on the very few shortcomings of the Activa 3g and helped us in delivering more power to the scooter. Let us take a good look at it in our Honda Activa 125 review.


The Honda Activa 125 comes in with four different colors options. These are Black, Pearl Amazing White, Rebel Red Metallic and Midnight Blue colors. These colors provide your all new Activa with vibrant looks to go with classy colors.


The engine on the new Activa is a massive upgrade from the 3g. The latest Activa uses a 4-stroke 124.9cc, air-cooled Spark Ignition (SI) engine. This engine uses a spark to start the engine. The compression ratio of 9.8:1 helps to deliver great fuel efficiency to the engine. The peak power attained by the Activa 125 is 8.6 BHP @ 6500rpm whereas the net torque output stands at 10.12 Nm @ 5000rpm.

Body Dimensions

Honda has made few changes to the dimensions of the Honda Activa in order to make it more streamline and gain more top speed. The length of the scooter from the front to end remains almost the same at 1814mm from the 3g whereas the width has been reduced to 704mm. The Activa 125 has a height of 1151mm from the ground with a ground clearance height of 155mm (without load). The seat on the Activa 125 is at a height of 765mm.


The new Honda Activa 125 measures 110kg in weight which is two kg more than the older Activa 3g model. This weight includes all the standard equipment on the Activa including transmission oil, motor oil, coolant and full fuel tank. This scooter might feel on a slightly heavier side as comparison to the other two-wheelers but the advanced balanced system on the Activa 125 make sure that your ride is smooth and easy.

Fuel Tank

The Honda Activa 125 is equipped with a 5.3-liter fuel tank capacity which is able to hold sufficient amount of petrol for you to travel very long distances. The larger fuel tank on the Activa 125 is able to provide a rider of an overall travelling distance on the scooter of over 310 km on a tank full of petrol.


The fuel meter riding on the console of Honda Activa 125 provides you an idea of the fuel left in your tank and the mileage your Activa is providing you. Under laboratory conditions, the Activa 125 is able to deliver a mileage of 60kmpl which can reduce down to around 50-52kmpl depending upon the roughness of your usage. Activa uses the Honda Eco Technology (HET) to improve the mileage by reducing the friction between the mating parts.

Top Speed

The powerful and improved engine on the Honda Activa 125 is able to provide you with a top speed of 85kmph due to its robust design. However, keep in mind that the higher your speed, the less mileage you can achieve out of your Honda Activa 125. Therefore, it would be highly advised that you maintain a balance between them.

The Last Words

The Activa 125 is full of a number of important design changes and added features to make our ride smooth and comfortable as you can see from our Honda Activa 125 review. It is available at an approx. price of around Rs. 56,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi) and is among the best automatic scooters currently in market.

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