When it comes to pregnancy, something should be kept in mind, and the most important thing is the first response pregnancy test.  When you are pregnant, you must know the exact date as it’s essential.

To know the exact date, some test is required which help you see whether you are pregnant or not. These tests help you to get the result fast sooner than you missed your first period.

There are many wrong concepts about the first response pregnancy test as some women things; it’s not very important to test after the first period is missed. According to different studies, you must test when immediately after the first period is missed.

How early can you take the first response pregnancy test? Make sure to take the test after your first period is missed because in this way you can get better results. Sometimes the period can be missed due to many things, but make sure to confirm it with the help of the test.

This test detects the pregnancy hormones that can be found in the urine. Most of the women don’t like to do the test, but to be honest, these test should be done so that you can get better knowledge about it.

In this article, I will try to tell you detail about the first response pregnancy test so that you can get a better idea of what is it, and how does it work?

What is the first response pregnancy test?


This is one of the best test devices that tell you about the pregnancy sooner than you missed a period. Sometimes it becomes difficult to do the test because some machines don’t tell the accurate results.

With the help of this device, you can easily do the test and get the result very fast. It also tells the accurate result and makes sure to use it in the right way. Furthermore, it also detects all the pregnancy hormones to tell you the accurate result.

With the help of this device, you can easily read the result in just 3 minutes. Some women don’t believe in such type of test, but for your knowledge, these tests are necessary as they tell you the accurate date when you were pregnant.

Early test detection is also essential for the health of the baby. It shows how the baby will live healthily. The sooner you know about the pregnancy, the better you will choose the healthy habits for you.

It’s very important to the results because in this way you can get better knowledge about the healthy habits that you can adopt. These habits include what you should eat and how you can maintain your diet.

You can also consult the doctor about the diet plan after the first response pregnancy test. They will guide you properly what diet is best for you and how you should start your work.

Some doctors suggest following a proper diet plan on the first date of the first response pregnancy test. Furthermore, the first response pregnancy test is very important for birth weight and the baby’s survival.

Things to Know About first response pregnancy test


When it comes to a first response pregnancy test, some women don’t have the detectable amounts of pregnancy hormones on the first day when they do the test. So it’s essential to carry out the test to know the exact reason behind the missing periods.

Each woman comes with different pregnancy hormones, and some can’t get the result on the first response pregnancy test.

Sometimes it may take time for the result to be gathered. So make sure to start the test when you miss your first period.

Your body starts to adopt the changes when your first period is missed, and one of the first changes that it adopts is the pregnancy hormone. You can call this hormone as the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone can be detected in the blood and urine.

So when you do the first response pregnancy test, it targets those pregnancy hormones that are found in the urine to get you a better result. You can see this result in 3 minutes.

These hormones change after every 36 to 48 hours rapidly. These hormones come on the strip, which shows the result in a few minutes.

There are many devices you can use for these tests, but I would suggest you use first response pregnancy test because it’s one of the best-selling product so far. The best thing about this product is that it gives accurate results.

Pregnancy can be the life-changing move as you have to decide some of the things knowing it earlier will help you to get the better idea of how you can make decisions. First response pregnancy test also helps you to decide what should be your diet for the baby.

In case if you don’t want to do this test, you can consult the doctor too. But I would suggest you do this test at home for your satisfaction.

Benefits of the first response pregnancy test

first-pregnancy-testIf you are using some device that will help you to get the better result than I would suggest you to use the first response pregnancy test device because it comes with many features.

Quick and Accurate

The result that comes with this device is quick and accurate. It shows almost 99% correct result from the day of your expected period.

Detect HCG

It also detects four major forms of HCG that are found in the urine. Furthermore, these hormones changes after every 36-48 hours.

Early Pregnancy Detection

First response pregnancy tells the results six days sooner than the day of your missed period. In this way, you can get the proper guidance about what you should eat from right now.

While doing this test, you can also plan your diet as well. When you get positive results, you can plan what you should eat and what diet is better for the baby.

It’s essential to get an accurate date because in this way you can plan for yourself.

3 Steps of doing a first response pregnancy test


Here are the three steps that you can follow for a first response pregnancy test.

Step 1

Make sure to read the instructions on the device before you start the test. Hold the test strip by Thumb grip pointing downward. Now hold the result window pointing away from the body. Place the absorbent trip in your urine for 5 seconds.


Step 2

While holding the stick replaces the over the cap and lay the stick on the flat surface with the result window facing up.

After some time, you will see the pink color moving across the Result window to show if the test is working.

Wait for the exact 3 minutes to see the result. After that, some readings will come on the stick.

Step 3

There will be two readings which will show if you are pregnant or not.


There will be two lines in the result window that shows you are pregnant.

Not Pregnant

There will be one pink line which will show you are not pregnant. Even if your first response pregnancy test is negative, you can do this test again after the first week when periods are missed.

You can also check this guide for better knowledge as well.

What is the first response pregnancy test is negative?

negitive pregnancy test

Most of the women are afraid of doing this test due to the negative results. In case if the result is negative, you can test again after one week. Sometimes on the first test, you don’t get the accurate result due to the wrong method.

After one week you can try to do the test again in this way you can get a better result if the test is negative after the week of the first test you have to wait more.

Does any medication affect the test?

Sometimes medication can also affect the test as well so make sure not to use any medication while doing the test. Pregnancy hormones can be affected by the medicine so that can result in a negative result.

Don’t worry if you get the result negative you can also retest it after not having periods for one week or more.

How to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy?

If you want to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy, make sure to eat well and sleep well. You should also adopt different healthy diet plans as well. Make sure to avoid junk foods and alcoholic drinks — the most important thing to stay away from smoking.

Final words

First response test is very important because it’s one of the best ways to get the fast result. Many women don’t know the proper way to do these test, but you can check different guide if you are one of them. These tests are also best when it comes to immediate testing. The result always comes accurate within 3 minutes.

Comment below how was your first experience with the test so that we can share your story with other ladies out there.

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