There are plenty of certain aspects going on in a transport business. There can be so many ways that one can be duped and fraudulent activities occur often than expected. Security is the biggest concern for any truck agency who provide heavy transport solutions to end-user customers and that is why corruption and misuse may get the better of customer satisfaction. This is why e logging comes to the benefit. The virtual world monitors every move one makes and this theory can be applied and implemented as well to the truck and delivery business. E logging is carried out by eld devices which are installed in trucks for owners to keep a routine check on the trucks he or she possesses.

But can fraud and theft be stopped using ELDs?

The fuel card protection

ELDs are not just provided for just electronically logging in but also fuel card protection systems are provided for certain reasons. Fuel card scams are regular and perpetrators are nearly impossible to get a stop to. This is where fuel card protection system comes to service. With each fuel request a OTP or a PIN will be asked. This will lead to the driver being control of the fuel tank and no one else even if they want to. Also as the driver would be logged in with the Elogin platforms therefore one could easily have the necessary information to know what exactly went down there. This is a huge step up from the regular modes of processes which wasn’t able to do anything when any scam would occur rather than to wait for the cops to do their job. Also it would become impossible for drivers to carry out petty theft for you can always look for any miss match between the driver’s log book and the truck logging device and compare them.

Tracking down becomes just as easy as it seems

Previously tracking a car especially a truck would be quite expensive and required experts. With electronic logging devices one with proper authority can easily do that. Fleet tracking have been so much of a convenient process that now any logging truck can be monitored and tracked down. Fleet management is an essential part of any truck business with so much risk. Fleet tracking solutions would include features such as real time tracking and updating of service hours and paper less documentation. Cloud based servers are provided for ELD devices which would operate when a driver logs onto the device. Also when the truck is not being used the tracking device would operate for the vehicle itself.

GPS based solutions as well as cloud based solutions are both used for providing a significant promise to end user customers for their benefits. It is hands down the best way to keep track of the fleet trucks and prevent misuse. So, when you are buying the ELD device, be sure to choose a reliable service provider.

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