Food allergies in dogs are becoming quite common these days especially in India for several reasons-which we talk about here. According to a study, food allergy became the  3rd most Common Allergy in the world in which India ranks the 2nd.

Food Allergy defined: If someone shouts in a restaurant that he/she is allergic to shellfish, everyone gets alert. If the allergic person comes in contact with shellfish, he could die of Anaphylaxis. The same thing may apply to animals.

A Food Allergy occurs when a dog’s immune system mistakenly identifies a particular food ingredient as harmful. And then creates defensive antibodies to fight the invading enemy (the food).

Along with this, it’s important to know about food intolerance?

A food intolerance is a digestive problem rather than an immune response. An intolerance occurs when a dog’s digestive system is unable to digest a specific ingredient.

As per my Knowledge and Experience More than 90% People Treat their Dogs/Cats when it reaches to extreme stage only and allergy is suppressed via medicines but not get completely cured, as a basic reason of allergy is not targeted.

Most Common Reasons for Food Allergies :

Some ingredients are more likely to cause food allergies:

1. Corn[v.common],Beef,Soya,wheat , chicken eggs, Dairy, yeast, cultured fish and also the contaminated food –most common in our country esp. in Poultry Products where either chicken fats remains on edges or stays uncooked or poultry is infected.

When new food was introduced and there is an allergic reaction, it doesn’t mean that the new dog food is the cause. Sometimes, pets may be allergic to pet food that they have been consuming for years.

Precautions :

1. Keep a sharp eye on your dog’s hair and skin, if you see any symptoms on your pets, do not hesitate to contact the expert.

2. Prefer Orijen. Buy Orijen Dog  Food Online in India  It has high Antibody levels which not only helps in Preventing food allergies but also Gives Shiny and Healthy Hair and Skin. Orijen Contains Highest Protein amoung Dog Foods [38%], its 100% Grain Free and contains various ingredients like Duck, Turkey, Chicken, Fishes etc.

3. Prefer Corn free or little corn containing dog foods, also prefer lesser grain in your Dog’s Diet to built resistance

4. Give ample of Fruits to your furry friend.

5. Don’t give milk or Dairy products after the age of 3 months of Dogs.

6. Do not Add Sugar or Salt/Spices in Food.

7. You can Give “ Viusid Pets Syrup “ for building immunity from


The signs of food intolerance include mostly digestive distress, gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

Regular hair falls even after treatment, fear, staying away from pet parent are signs of extreme conditions.

What to do if Allergy Comes in Cure :

If its v.less[on Hair-Skin] then Simple Bath of Neem Water and application of PetOvate will do the work only if it’s too low.

Allergies can have serious consequences for your pet. So simply consult a qualified professional or a vet for help.

Also, ask your Vet which Food Ingredient has caused this Allergy if unsatisfied keep a sharp eye on his food. Mostly Just a Prescription Food is given by vet but if your Dog is allergic to say wheat and you keep giving it also in regular meals. So ask the Ingredient.

Better You Choose: “ Orijen Original Adult Dog Food“, “ Orijen Puppy Large Breed Dog Food“, “ Orijen Small and Medium Puppy Food“, OR [ Orijen Six Fish Dog Food ]

Also commonly asked/noted :

Self Cooked Food vs Commercial Dog Food:

Well, I don’t suggest self-cooked food during allergy as only a handful people know exact dog food recipe and contaminations chances are too high esp. from where you purchase non-veg raw material.

Hope this article will help you keep your furry friends in healthy happy times.

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