Modern Aviation has taken a long step in ensuring the safety of people who ride planes. A lot of progress has been made when it comes to safety measures and other matters that pertain to a safe and comfortable trip.

Measures such as banning excessive amounts of liquid on board, disallowing drunk, unruly passengers, and keeping sharp objects away from carry-on-luggage are just a few measures that a lot of airport security officials around the world are implementing.

However, there will be times that an accident can occur. No amount of time and preparation can prove helpful when it comes to halting forces that cause accidents while flying on a plane. When that time comes, believe it or not, the clothes that people wear while on a plane matter. Here’s why:

Provide Yourself Space

Even on a relatively safe flight, you must still be ready for health concerns related to air travel. DVT or Deep vein thrombosis happens when a clot or thrombus builds in one or more of the veins in your body, typically in your legs.

Keep in mind that DVT is a dangerous condition because of the occurrence of thrombus which can break loose and travel throughout your body blocking the blood flow which is likely to occur while flying or when coursing through high altitudes.

Wear light and fine-fitting clothes to allow smooth blood circulation. Also, if you have a family history of blood clots, do not forget to wear compression stockings and avoid wearing skinny jeans to prevent varicose veins.

Additionally, always remember that when you and other passengers begin to enter high and cruising altitudes, our digestive systems tend to produce gas. Wearing tight jeans or pants that have a firm waistband do not provide your abdomen a space to expand naturally, so it is best to stick to pants with elastic waistband or a drawstring.

Make Use of the Layers

Similar to loose-fitting clothing, layers give comfort in a typical flight situation while at the same time, offering a lot of safety benefits.

Wearing layers enables passengers to adapt quickly to a planes’ frequently extreme temperature changes, varying from the warm and humid initial boarding temperatures to the continuous freezing air flow of the air recycling system mid-flight.

In the case of fire or intense turbulence, long sleeves and pants that can cover your body can help reduce possible skin damage due to burns or objects flying everywhere in the cabin. You can utilize these extra or loose layers to cover your mouth and nose in case of fire to protect yourself from inhaling smoke.

Opt For Natural Fabrics

Make sure your travel attire comes from natural materials such as linen, wool, and cotton from French Connection or from other reliable sources. Natural materials are few of the most reliable fabrics to have on in the event of a fire.

Extreme heat can melt synthetic materials like polyester and nylon which can stick to your body causing horrific burns and other heat-related injuries. Natural materials also help to keep you cozy in typical flight conditions, as these materials enable your body to breathe. Natural materials such as cotton are good at keeping you cool in humid conditions.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

Unsuitable footwear can pose big problems in case an evacuation happens. Loose shoes or open-toed flip-flops and other sandals can get caught on debris.  Inappropriate footwear such as high heels can also trip you up and cause harm to people around you when exiting during an evacuation.

If you happen to lose your footwear attempting to escape the airplane, then you now have vulnerable and unprotected feet in a place filled sharp objects and other hazardous wreckage debris.

It is safer to opt for flat shoes or footwear that have low heels. Additionally, make certain that the footwear you wear on your flight fits properly, enabling you to be nimble in an escape situation, should it ever happen in the first place.


A lot of people find airplanes a fascinating way to travel, especially when it’s for a vacation. However, no amount of preparations can help a person when accidents occur during such flights. Just to be safe, travelers and other people aboard airplanes should wear the appropriate clothes.

Despite, modern advances in aviation safety, accidents can still happen. When the unthinkable does occur, wearing the right clothes can enable you to safely exit through evacuation routes prepared by airport safety officials and your cabin crew.


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