Do you dream of a successful career as an IT professional? Then be prepared for a rocky road ahead as the life of an IT professional is not a smooth ride as it seems from the outside. One needs to be equipped with all the latest technologies and knowledge related to these technologies to pursue an eminent career in the IT industry. Not only job applicants in the IT sector, courses like OCA certification are valuable for existing IT professionals as well to climb the ladder of hierarchy in the IT industry. When decided on pursuing a professional IT certification course, selecting the right one can be tricky. There are options aplenty but you need to choose carefully as it is a matter of make or break in terms of your professional career. Opting for an Oracle certification course can be a compelling option as recent data reveals that 80% of Oracle certified professionals report salary hike, promotion or growth in their career. Obtaining an OCA certification can give you the confidence of facing even the most challenging issues and solving them with considerable ease.

When pursuing an Oracle certification, you need to be decisive and diligent as the OCA certification cost is on the higher side and you want to make the most of this opportunity. So, remember these tips once you have opted for an OCA course –

  • The purpose of pursuing the course should not be just salary hike or getting a job. If you are genuinely interested in updating yourself on the latest technologies and related fields, you are going to derive the maximum benefit of these courses.
  • Research thoroughly on the latest versions, technologies, exam patterns and other related information for the course you are seeking.
  • Do not trust the Internet blindly regarding such courses. Ensure you seek proper guidance on different certification courses from a reliable source to be on the right track.
  • Once decided on an OCA course, opt for an authorized training partner that is appropriate for you and can help you succeed in the endeavour.

The advantages of pursuing an Oracle certification are numerous, and some of these are discussed here –

  • Most apparent benefit is that a certification itself is significant proof that demonstrates your expertise in a particular technology.
  • If you are somewhat knowledgeable on a certain technology, opting for a certification on the same can raise your conceptual understanding of the technology.
  • Certification courses can be a key differentiator against competition. When employers are seeking candidates, the competition is often stiff. However, the one in possession of an OCA or any other technical certifications hold the edge over the one who doesn’t.
  • IT certifications give you a distinct advantage in your professional field. All the hard work and effort put in on mastering certain technology comes in handy when working on the same.
  • During certification training, you can be required to work hands-on with the technology in a simulated environment, where you are given a free hand to play around with the technology and try out different things without the tension of working in a real production environment. This experience can be immense when you work with the same technology real time and in a production environment.

In the dynamic IT industry, a certification program can be game changer as it will allow you to get accustomed with the latest technological developments and hold you in good stead in the eyes of the employer.

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