A brake controller was actually designed for the actuating a trailer’s electric brake with proportion to the towing vehicle’s brake, when a person who is driving pushes a brake pedal.

Brake controllers are generally installed very easily in accessible places for the purpose of convenient use & also monitoring the notifications & also the alerts while towing.

Types of Brake Controllers

Even though there are many different styles, brake controllers are divided into 2 distinct groups those are:

  1. Proportional brake controllers
  2. Time delayed brake controllers.

Proportional brake controllers specifically use a motion-sensing device, which is used to detect how fast the tow vehicle was stopping. This kind of brake controller will provides the smoothest braking & because both the systems are doing the same kind of work, it will decrease the amount of wear on each of the vehicle’s braking system. The main advantage of the proportional brake controllers was that trailer’s brakes & tow vehicle’s brakes will work with same amount of power

Time delayed brake controllers will provide a pre-determined amount of power to trailer’s brakes when truck stops. Time delayed brake controllers will put more wear on the braking systems, but they when compared with other brake controllers it is less expensive & easier to install than the proportional brake controllers. The main advantage of these controllers was that they can install in any kind of position because they are free from the sensors which define whether the vehicle goes through the uphill or downhill.

Features of a Good Brake Controller

For a good or right brake controller, one should needs to pay a particular attention to its type. It is required to pay an attention to some of the extra features to get a right brake controller because they will make the usage easier & also more comfortable.

  • The number of axles brakes controllers which can work with another important issue that requires an attention because it is very important for the towing safety. Brake controllers are usually designed for the 1 or 2-axle trailers, because they are the most widespread. Some off the brake controllers may also handle 4 axles at once & also quite efficient, featuring with an advanced functionality.
  • Brake controllers may also include LED displays or even indicator lights for the notification. The controllers may also have different controls for setting a particular braking power for different trailers (differ in size & weight).
  • Right Brake controllers may also be equipped with the short circuit protection systems which are used to prevent the wiring failures. Many controllers are having a Plug-N-Play function for easy connection to the vehicle network. This feature will allow you to get quickly install a brake controller or even to remove it if it is no longer needed.

Some of the controllers may also include a choice to choose the electric or hydraulic braking system or usage of both the systems at same time. So, check whether the brake controller was compatible with the braking system of your vehicle.

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