When performance and looks matter, Ford-150 is certainly going to beat every other truck this year. After trying for years to list in the top with its performance, the full-sized segment have finally come up with significant changes. This truck is being designed in such a way by the engineers that it simply makes the others envious. In between this, RAM’s introduction of the first class diesel engine, the aluminum body of the engine offered an immense upgrade.

Ford is known for the performance of their cars and trucks and to offer something truly amazing they pushed to a huge level for this new truck. This amazing truck is being redesigned with stunning features, capabilities and materials that are definitely going to bring Chevy and Ram back in drawing board.

Since no longer trucks work like workhorses as they have also become a luxurious choice. Here are some of the significant features that reveal the changes.

  • Remote Tailgate:

The feature of a remote door has been there around for a long time, especially they are found on some vehicles like SUVs and minivans. They mostly help in assisting drivers when their hands are full and offer a better security. Keeping all this in mind, the engineers have used a similar idea for their latest F-150. They do not only offer lock, but also the remote unlock option in an add-on feature. Proper cushioning make sure about no harsh closing that makes it durable.

  • Box Steps:

For larger trucks, bed accessing gets harder, especially for the people who are challenged. For better convenience, these trucks present an inbuilt step system that is situated just behind the cab. This has simplified accessing bed contents. Hence, people can now make use of it at an ease.

  • Cargo Flexibility:

Each and every truck available on market offers reinforced panels and tie-downs in order to haul rugged and cumbersome cargo, Ford, on the other hand, have redefined it by opening potential configurations by adding removable cleats and tie-down points. Apart from this, e-track system manufactured with sliding metal rods possesses the capability to withstand 600 pounds. Optional ramps to load heavy cargo and small vehicles are additional features.

  • 170-Degree Doors:

All the models of cars and trucks come with regular front doors. For the purpose of loading and unloading cargo, regular style front doors become a huge problem. The manufacturers of these trucks are much aware of the difficulties faced by the people and, hence, have presented a whole new truck that are convenient in every way. The 170 degrees of the door opening improved its functionality. The improved functionality of this model has become pretty helpful for the owners.

  • Driver Assist:

Unlike previous days, when latest technologies were only included in luxurious sedans for assisting drivers in a better way, these days these are also being incorporated for the trucks. Manufacturers of F-150 have included various features like blind-spot detection, curve control; collision warning, hill descent control, radar cruise control and the park assist system. The many features set them apart from any other trucks available in the market.

The many incredible features of this truck differentiate them from various other brands. Incorporation of aftermarket Ford F-150 Grills helps the owner to enjoy better style along with efficient functionality.

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