It’s very tempting to buy everything online. Why wouldn’t you? The items are often cheaper, and they’re delivered directly to your door with no muss and no fuss. It can be hard to argue against that level of convenience, but there are some things that really should be bought from a brick and mortar store, and not just any brick and mortar store, but a local one. Here are a few instances where you really need to find your local.

Farmer’s Market

If you want the best and freshest produce, there’s only one place to find it: locally. There’s just no way to get around that. If you want produce that hasn’t traveled thousands of miles in the back of a refrigerated truck, you’re going to need to buy food that was grown nearby. Where better to do that than the farmer’s market? Odds are there’s more than one in your area, and you might well find that in addition to producing they have crafts and other food available.


If you’re looking for the best brake service near me you won’t find it at the dealership. Ask around and find the local mechanic that everyone trusts. Odds are there’s one that you didn’t even realize existed that’s better than the name brand place. The best way to find a good local mechanic is through word of mouth and personal recommendations. There might even be a service that comes to you if you’re broken down at work or at home, combining the quality of a local with convenience.


Local booze might seem more expensive than the stuff you find at the grocery store, but once you factor in quality, it often balances out. Check out local brewpubs, wineries, and distilleries, and you might discover that they have a subscription service so you can get your favorite alcohol at a bargain price.


If you want to support your favorite authors, remember that authors get a bigger cut of the profits when you buy from a small store instead of a chain. On top of that, many local bookstores host events for local or visiting authors, which can be an excellent way to meet your favorite writers and other readers. The greatest benefit of shopping and buying local cannot be measured in money saved or in personal convenience. The true benefit of shopping locally is in meeting your neighbors and participating in your community.

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