In custom CNC machining, contrary to mass production, you are making a prototype for small scale production. These prototypes do not follow standards, but instead, they are tailored according to the specs given by the designer.

A company that offers prototyping services for custom parts and equipment uses CNC machining as the manufacturing method. This method is most useful for projects with low volume, mostly less than ten copies of a part. To have the precise part or product on time, you need to find a company that can produce tailored parts.

Qualities of a Good Custom CNC Machining Company

The Team

No matter how sophisticated the machines and technologies are they worth nothing if the company has no engineers and operators who can bring the designer’s ideas to life. They should have the technical skills that you need to complete the project. Experience is also essential when you need to consult the company about the project and ask for their recommendations.

Breadth of Services

You need to find a company who will work with you from the design to product development to finishing. It should have expert craftsmen who can apply high polishing and finishing to make sure that the surface is according to specs. To get realistic parts, it should also offer a choice of finishing like metal coating, chrome plating, anodizing, or the modern water transfer printing.

They should be able to do projects that require the perfect visual rendering needed in the field of design, art, and marketing. Some projects may also require sandblasting process on their finishes. Also, the company should offer other applications for prototype CNC machined parts like heli-coil and tapped holes.

Complex Geometry

Custom CNC machined parts can be complicated, and it requires high precision. The CNC machine shop should be able to produce both very large and very small parts.

Meeting Industry Standards

The custom CNC machining company should be able to meet industry standards like ROHS for paint, UV resistance, food-grade, and UL94V0. It must also cover the whole spectrum of industry like electronics, medical, robotics, automotive, and even smart devices. The clients for custom CNC machined parts can be varied. It can range from those who need functional parts like engineers to designers needing visual parts.


Lastly, the company is flexible in its machining capabilities and processes. It should be able to accept different materials like plastic and metal. Some examples of these materials include ABS, nylon, brass, stainless steel, and aluminum.

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