Many Americans spend time in a vehicle whether a bus, a truck or passenger vehicle. People commute to work, travel long-distances and haul heavy loads. A suspension system that uses air springs helps create a stable and comfortable ride regardless of the vehicle driven. A variety of vehicle types use air springs to aid in the suspension system.

Automotive OEM

Using a Firestone convoluted air spring in the automotive industry helps create a comfortable driving experience. The handling is stable with OEM air springs. The Firestone springs use the latest research and technology to improve the leveling, carrying capacity, comfort and handling safety of your vehicle.

Commercial Truck

Trucks account for about 80% of all cargo transportation in the US and are essential to the logistics industry. Everything from heavy equipment to vehicles to food to hazardous waste move in trucks. With heavy loads, trucks can log many miles. Comfort with a quality suspension system utilizing air springs makes those long travels easier with fewer vibrations. Eliminating some of the vibrations on long hauls helps the driver stay comfortable regardless of the miles driven. The Firestone air springs are used in a variety of commercial trucking purposes to aid in a comfortable ride and stable cargo. A more comfortable ride prevents accidents caused by fatigue due to bouncing around in the cab.

Pick-Up Trucks

Many pick-up trucks haul trailers carry heavy loads in the beds or pull RVs. Supporting that additional weight can make for an uncomfortable ride without the right springs to aid the suspension. Unbalanced loads can cause an uncomfortable ride and damage the suspension over time. With the right air springs, the suspension can better distribute the weight making the overall ride more comfortable and stable. Traveling off the road benefits even more from a suspension system that can handle uneven terrain. The springs need to be both durable and made of quality materials. RVs and ATVs also benefit from a stable, comfortable ride regardless of where they travel or park.

Commercial Trailer

The air springs in trailers are often called airbags tend to have less wear and tear than standard springs in the suspension system. Cargo often arrives in better condition than standard springs because of the stability of the ride and fewer vibrations during transport. Intelligent data offers drivers additional data through sensors regarding temperature, acceleration and pressure.

Enhancing the suspension system with air springs has positive effects for a variety of automotive and commercial needs. Replacing the air springs when they show signs of wear can help keep the suspension system operating at its best.

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