If you’re thinking about traveling around the UK this summer there are plenty of great locations to visit, but you’ll have to consider the best mode of transport for your holiday. Traveling by air is costly and has its limitations, bus and rail are good options but they can be expensive, you can only stick to fixed timetables and specific destinations. Your best choice is car hire, here is why.


Hiring a car isn’t as costly as other modes of transport, you can rent a reliable car from several high-quality cars hire companies across the UK. If you plan on starting your journey off in Norwich, organizations like First Self Drive offer highly competitive rates on a wide range of vehicles. They offer cars to suit every need, from budget-friendly models to top of the range vehicles, you’ll easily find something which is perfect for driving around the country.

Travel in Style

The beauty of hiring a car from an agent is that you can choose to drive a top of the range vehicle, something you wouldn’t normally have the chance to do. If you were to buy a high-end model Mercedes or BMW it would cost you a substantial amount of money, by renting you get the opportunity to drive an exclusive model which may be out of your price range if you were to buy the vehicle outright. Top of the line sports cars and luxury vehicles come with several additional features, most you wouldn’t find in a standard model. Hiring a vehicle with a couple of onboard luxury’s will make your driving experience that bit more enjoyable. You can hire a luxury vehicle with additional features including:

  • Heated seats
  • Powered trunk
  • Stylish interior
  • Electric sunroof
  • Heated steering wheel


Recent studies suggest that the novelty of driving a new car makes individuals enjoy their holidays even more. If you decide to leave your old vehicle at home and rent a brand-new top of the range model the novelty alone will give you more pleasure. Researchers believe that the experience of driving a luxury vehicle has numerous positive psychological effects on the brain, new driving experiences are different to your everyday life, so it makes you feel excited and reinvigorated.

Peace of Mind

Choosing to hire a rental vehicle gives you peace of mind, they are fully insured and if anything happens to the car while you are on holiday the rental company will send out a replacement. You won’t have to worry about repairs and you won’t get stuck waiting for your vehicle to get fixed.

Choosing to hire a car to travel around the UK is a great way of seeing the country, it is hassle-free and allows you to go from place to place in style. The vehicle is fully insured and if you encounter any problems your rental company will send out a replacement, so your trip doesn’t suffer any delays.

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