In order to fulfill the purpose of cultural and academic exchange, as informed by the reliable source, the IIS University, Jaipur and Pennsylvania State University, USA has signed an agreement. As a part of the agreement, a group of thirteen students of Pennsylvania State University made a visit on the IIS University and stayed on the University campus from July 25 to August 2, 2013.
Pennsylvania State UniversityDuring the period, in several student sessions different topics are discussed that include society technology, language, culture, entrepreneurship and literature. In addition to this, various students and faculty presentations on issues like literature of the countries, gender and society, women’s issues, historical preservations, and migration and urban development.
It is informed that the seminar and presentation conducted on Indian and American became the major attraction of the seminar as it unveiled several issues brought up by the students of literature of both of the university. Ms Rimika Singhvi, the head of the department of English preceded the discussion through a wonderful presentation that created a link between the popular literatures of India, America, and Britain. In the presentation, Rimika emphasized the issues explaining the types of dissimilarity between these literatures. In her presentation, she also showed how British and American literature influenced Indian literature.
It is reported that a significant portion of the presentation deals with the evolution of Indian literature from the very beginning of its history to the contemporary times. The students of Pennsylvania University offered an overwhelming and huge response when they were requested by Rimika to contribute their insights to the term of Post Colonialism. She provided examples of some eminent writer of the country including Susie Tharu, K. R. Srinivasa Iyngar, and K. Lalita whose contribution to Indian literature is really remarkable.
It is worthy to mention over here that in the presentation session, Ms Rimika also explained a very important aspect of Indian writers especially the writers writing in English. She described the way Indian writers writing in English are engaging a range of views in their works in order to train the students of India in their approach to the texts. In the words of Rimika, Indian writers carry on their work in English in such a way that it enables the students to show the way to approach and grapple with the text.
An interacting session followed the presentation session. It is informed that students of both the universities took part in the discussion session in which they discussed the authors, poets and texts in their curricula. Indian literature is on the course of evolution while American literature is a developed genre. Works of several early poets like Sarojini Naidu, Toru Dutt, and Rabindranath Tagore have enriched the literature of India.
In the words of Marilyn Messy, a student of English literature at IIS University, work piece of modern temporary writers like Jeet Thayil and Salman Rushdie took Indian literature to new heights. The student also added that the presentation helped her greatly in discriminating the gaps and also the combination of different literatures in the creation of a literature as a whole. It is informed that students of both the universities are helped by the session to grow a deep insight into the world literature especially on Indian Literature.

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