Murphy beds were invented in 1918 by William L. Murphy as a way to maximize space in his San Francisco studio apartment. While these innovative wall beds were met with great success, their popularity began to decrease as the square footage and number of bedrooms in apartments and family homes began increasing. However, over the last several years these unique wall beds have been showing up more frequently in apartments and homes around the world, leaving many to believe they are making a comeback.

They Are Excellent Space Savers

While many individuals opt for homes with large square footage, there are many smaller homes, cottages, and city apartments that have limited square footage, making a wall bed a welcome addition to these living spaces. Whether they are used in a guest bedroom or as the primary bed for the owner, wall beds can be quickly and easily hidden from the living space.

Are Wall Beds Making A Come Back?

More People Have A Need For Multi-Purpose Rooms

With more individuals needing multi-purpose rooms for home offices, craft and hobby spaces, or music rooms that double as a spare bedroom, a wall bed can be the ideal fit. Instead of having a bed take up the vast majority of the space in a guest bedroom, adding a wall bed allows you to utilize a spare room for an entirely different purpose on a daily basis; it can then be transformed into a spare bedroom when guests are in town. They are also ideal for small studio apartments, or shared living spaces where individuals want to create their own private areas

They Now Come In More Modern Designs

The original wall beds of the early 1900s were not particularly visually appealing or comfortable, but the modern designs available today can be crafted to fit any design aesthetic. A wall bed crafted out of fine wood can be built into a wall that has shelving units when not in use or built to create contemporary bunk beds. The Murphy design can be used for desks and tables as well. Not only has the external appearance of wall beds significantly improved, but they are now crafted from sturdier materials that make them easier to maneuver, more comfortable to sleep on, and less likely to need repair and replacement. In addition, the options for wall bed mattresses have improved.

They Make Studio Apartments Feel More Private

Many individuals who live in studio apartments, loft spaces, or small apartments opt for wall beds to increase privacy in their homes. While the wall bed is kept unfolded the majority of the time, it can fold back into the wall when friends or family come over for dinner or a party. This allows the bedroom area to remain a private haven away from the rest of the world.

With their space saving benefits and modern functionality, it is clear that wall beds are making a comeback. If you have a small home, a multi-purpose living space, or the occasional need for an extra bed, consider the benefits of installing a wall bed into your home.

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