When you’re running a business, it’s important to have the most efficient software systems possible. This is important not just for your internal affairs, but for the systems you are offering your clients as well. It doesn’t matter if they’re using a private software system on their own network or a web-based platform. It needs to run properly – all the time.

Understand Your Test Results

One of the biggest problems a lot of companies have is the actual analyzation of their test results. If you’re not an actual developer, the numbers and graphs generally mean very little to you. They should. If you aren’t sure what you’re looking at when you do get a report, you need to ask. This is especially important if you use a pass/fail system and don’t know why your system is failing. You need to either find someone internally who can help or hire outside help, ensuring they’re able to explain the process from start to finish.

Test During Development

Don’t wait until your software is complete to start testing it. Have a team of testers ready to try it out from the start, and through each phase of the development process. If you are developing an internal program, it’s often best to have the end users form a test group. If you are developing a program for sale or for your customers to use, ask some of your loyal customers and use some third-party tools to test the system properly.

Is Your Business Software As Efficient As It Could Be?

Be Realistic

Don’t go into your testing feeling overly confident. Most applications and programs have bugs, however subtle. If you go into your project looking for them, you’ll likely find them. If you go into your project feeling cocky and confident, you’ll likely miss something that could have been fixed and end up having to answer to investors or clients later on.

Document Issues Clearly

Do you have a problem with your software – either during testing or during normal use? Document each problem as accurately as possible, with as much detail as possible. The more you are able to share, the easier it will be for someone to recreate the problem and fix it.

Communicate Clearly

Don’t leave your developer in the dark, regardless of whether he’s internal or working with a third party company. The sooner you tell him about changes, things you like, or things you don’t like, the easier they’ll be to fix. Don’t look at something you don’t like in Phase 1 and wait until after Phase 9 to ask to have it changed. It may be nearly impossible, costing you tons of time and money.

Having your software program coded properly is critical. It takes time and effort but is ultimately well worth both.

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