Every house owner is worried about safeguarding his/her home from getting robbed. With the newspapers full of news articles on houses being broken into and being burglarized, people are always concerned about the safety of their own houses.

The most common equipment which is now being used by house owners to enhance the security of their home is by installing intruder alarms. ADT intruder alarms are the best home alarm system for keeping the property and personal belongings of people safe from burglars.

The police departments also recommend the use of these alarms for the safety of one’s home. But when it comes to choosing a cheap home security system for one’s home, chances are that people might get confused as to which one is perfect for their house. One should decide on the best home alarm system, taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Preference
  • Budget
  • Locality
  • Home Type
  • Level of Protection needed

The main thing which you need to consider is that what you expect the intruder alarm to do in case of a break in. Let us now explore the type of intruder and how they function:

Get Burglar Proof Security With ADT Intruder Alarms

Wireless Monitored Alarm System 

These alarm systems are easy to install and re-install in case of moving from one house to another. They work on a battery that powers the sensors and help them to communicate with the control panel of the system.

Bells Only Burglar Alarm 

This alarm system does not contact the police or the house owner in case of a break in. Instead, it makes a loud noise which would alert the neighbors. Unlike the wireless intruder alarm, this is not very effective as there is no guarantee that the neighbors would alert the police or come for help.

Thus, the best home alarm system is one which is monitored 24/7 and would alert someone in case of a break in which is why ADT intruder alarms are extremely popular. In case of installing such an alarm system, the house owner needs to get a monitoring contract for continuous monitoring of the house. The way this works is that intruder alarm is connected to a center which would receive messages in case of a break in.

Get Burglar Proof Security With ADT Intruder Alarms

The benefits of ADT monitored alarm systems are as follows:

  • The house is under surveillance all the time all through the year.
  • These alarm systems are connected directly to the alarm monitoring centers.
  • The centers are quick to respond and ensure minimum damage to the property.

Here are the different monitoring systems which are available in the ADT intruder alarms:

Key Holder Monitoring

In case of a break in, the ADT receiver center immediately calls the house owner and the key holder which is a person nominated by the owner himself. It could be a close friend or a family member. 

Police Monitoring

In this monitoring system, the ADT center alerts the police as soon as it gets notified about a break in. It also alerts the house owner and the nominated key holder. 

The use of ADT intruder alarms ensure enhanced security for the homes and is a cheap home security system for all.

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