For safe driving, wiper blades are absolutely crucial parts in every vehicle. If functional, they clean the windshield thus giving the driver clear view and minimizing road accidents. Like most car parts, wiper blades wear out with time and require replacement. This should not worry you because there are quite a number of auto parts store all over the world. If you do not get what you are looking for in your local auto parts store, there is always the option of shopping online. Regardless of where you will get your blades from, one key factor to consider while shopping is the style of the blades. Nowadays, we have a wide range of wiper styles. The three main styles are explained below

Traditional frame style wipers

You will find these wipers in almost all cars around the world. These have existed for quite a long time and are readily available nearly in every part of the world. The main features include a metal framework onto which the actual wiper is mounted. The main wiper is made of rubber. You could get one that is made of ordinary rubber or if you prefer, insist on halogen hardened rubber which is significantly more durable than the former. The major advantage of traditional frame style wipers is that they are quite affordable and readily available across the globe.

Winter wipers

As the name suggests, these wipers come in handy for those drivers who live in parts of the world that experience severely cold weather. They are basically an upgrade of traditional frame style wipers. The features are the same only covered with an extra rubber shell for protection. This feature does not make them very appealing to look at but is necessary to ensure that the wipers remain free of ice or snow thus increasing their service life.

Premium beam style wipers

Some people don’t just buy wipers for their functionality only but also for the general beauty of the car. They come with an appealing sleek appearance that any car enthusiast simply cannot resist. Unlike the traditional wipers, these are not bulky as they are designed with only one piece, eliminating the framework of the former. They also have encased spring steel bands. These allow the wipers to flow with the curvature of the windshield. Apart from giving your car an appealing look, this feature also ensure that the entire surface of the wind shield is cleaned minimizing missed spots. Most premium beam style wipers are made of double rubber technology and others incorporate silicone. This makes these wipers very costly. If you can afford to get one for your car however, you can be sure to get value for your money. Their beauty might be what attracts you to them but in addition to this you get excellent functionality and a long service life. Experts say that these blades last twice as the traditional frame style wipers. Though very expensive, their durability makes the long-term cost significantly lower.

With advancement of technology, more wipers styles are being invented but the above are the main major ones today. If you are a driver or just a car enthusiast, make the internet your closest friend as you will get updates on new wiper styles as they emerge.

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