Henry Ford gave the world a revolutionary advancement in the automobile industry, the first assembly line car Ford Model T. Also known to many vintage cars NZ owners as “Tin Lizzie”. The Model T ruled the United States automobile industry for more than two decades. From 1908 to 1927 more than 15 million Model T cars were sold in the United States.

In the middle of 1920’s the fame of Model T gradually faded away, owing to alternative cars that were spacious, more luxurious and powerful then the Model T. Veteran and Vintage Cars NZ get on a short ride in the memory lane here to find out how the Model T became history after two decades. How Model A was the most awaited car after people herd Henry is making an all-new Ford Model car that will be more affordable, stylistic and a better car in traffic.

A Short Story Of The Ford Model A

It was may 1927 when Henry Ford sent out a secret message to all the car dealers that he will be shutting down manufacturing of the Model T and make way for a whole new car with superior performance and design to beat all the competition. The message was received with a great enthusiasm and as soon as the news became public, people went bonkers. The dealers were soon swarmed with Model A enthusiasts.

Weeks upon weeks, but people only saw large banners at the car dealers and not even a single exhibit car. It wasn’t until December 2, 1927 that the first exhibit of the Model A occurred in front of a titanic crowd. Most Vintage Cars NZ owners would know the fact that around 1 billion people came to see the exhibit, that is almost 10 percent of the American population at that time.

Here are some Interesting facts about the Ford Model A in a nutshell.

  • The Model A featured a sliding gear transmission instead of the planetary transmission that was seen in the Model T.
  • Another striking feature of the Model A was that it was available in an array of body colors, unlike the Model T which was only in black.
  • The Model A has the honor of being the first car that was produced at the Ford Rouge Plant in Dearborn.
  • Model A was the masterpiece of teamwork, that of Henry and Edsel. Edsel worked on the body and cosmetic parts while Henry handled the chassis with his professional team of engineers.
  • Even though the production lasted only for 4 years ending in early 1932, the Ford Model A remains to be the most popular cars in the history of America.


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