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Starting Your Own Smart Home Project

Smart devices, smart appliances, smart heating, smart security, smart food – the list goes on. Where does one start in constructing the perfect smart home? One that combines comfort, style and elegance with cutting edge technology that makes your life safer, easier and more energy efficient?

The truth is it’s no easy task and, without the right team of designers and tradesmen, it can quickly turn into an uphill battle. Never fear, however, as there are specialist companies out there to come to the rescue; companies that can guide by the hand from project conception through implementation to aftercare and support. There is no need to go it alone!

Starting Your Own Smart Home Project

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1. Choose Your Company

The first and most important stage is to carefully choose your smart home company. These are the guys who will be walking with you every step of the way so trust is of paramount importance. Do your research judiciously and the following steps will be a walk in the park.

One of the first things to look for is client testimonials and previous work. Leading smart home companies should have a vast portfolio of successful projects and happy clients, all too willing to recommend them to you. Naturally, the best testimonials come from friends or families.

If you are able to visit smart homes that a company have installed, look closely for the finer details. Have devices and appliances been applied in a stylish but subtle manner, what were the client’s experiences with the company? How has the aftercare been since the project was completed?

Once you have found a company you feel you can trust sit down with them and discuss the practicalities of the smart home project. Do they employ their own designers and tradesmen or do they use contractors? How much of a deposit do they take up front?

Following this, speak to the company about your budget and what you hope to achieve. The best companies will advise you on the feasibility of your project free of charge and work with you in the early stages to ensure you are not disappointed later on.

The final part of this stage is to discuss practicalities such as warranties and insurance. Are the company covered in case of an accident when installing your smart home? And what warranties are offered on the devices they are to install?

2. Design the Perfect Home

The next stage is the exciting bit; getting to design your own smart home. Hopefully in the previous stage you agreed on a budget and the feasibility for your project in order to leave you feeling secure and free to design within your limits.

Whilst you will be heavily involved in the aesthetic design of your smart home, the company should take care of the technical. They should have a team of designers and tradesmen to ensure the practicalities of fitting things such as wiring can complement the design of your smart home.

3. Installation and Fitting

The next stage is completely over to the company. With their team of professionals, they will re-fit your home to the specifications drawn up in the previous steps. From electricians to plumbers to plasterers, all aspects of the fit should be covered by the smart home team, leaving you with no DIY or clean up job to do.

4. Training

Once the installation has been accomplished and the clean-up operation complete, the smart home team will take you through how to use each of your brand new devices. They should also provide manuals for each of the devices and contact details for you to use in case at any point you become stuck.

This is the step where you get to start living your brand new smart home!

5. Warranty and Aftercare

Finally, all the devices installed by the smart home team will come with a limited warranty, usually covering you for anywhere between 1 and 10 years. The team should also provide you with contact details for you to use in the case of any breakdown and many firms will come out free of charge within the first 12 months after installation.

Some companies also offer additional insurance should you wish to extend the cover or warranty of any of your devices.

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