Tolls: The toll system was established in Dubai in 2007 to reduce traffic in the city center. This toll works with stickers that are purchased at gas stations and should be placed on the windshield of the car. Before anyone get luxury rent a car in Dubai it is necessary and also possible to travel by alternative routes.

Speed: The speed limits in United Arab Emirates are:

• in city 20-40 Km. / H
• highway 80 km. / H.
• highway 120 km. / H.

Important Information:

• It drives on the right side of the road.
• We recommend the use of safety belts at all times.
• It is recommended that children traveling in seats or special safety devices.
• Be very careful when driving in UAE since the accident rate is very high due to aggressive driving style practiced by local drivers.
• In case of accident always tell the authorities to make the relevant reports, because you will need this documentation to present to the rental agency.
Alcohol Limit: The maximum rate permitted blood alcohol while driving is 0.

If accident: In case of breakdown, accident or theft, contact emergency services and the police. Subsequently must notify the rental agency. If possible, take pictures and a report to the police. Dubai has parking meters in the central parts of the city, including the main streets and avenues. When parking, be paid the cost of parking in a vending orange, remove and place parking ticket on the windshield. It is also possible to buy a parking card that can be used in different areas of the city of Dubai, where there are parking meters green. Fines are very high for those who do not have the parking ticket, are exceeded the allowed time or just stop at the curb in a place prohibited. Telephone Emergency: Emergency phone for firefighters is 997 for ambulance is 998 and 999 for the police.

Before Traveling: Electrical outlets in UAE have a voltage of 220V, a frequency of 50 Hz and a type of plug CDG. Bring an adapter if necessary. Health insurance: Acct Arab Emirates has very good medical services and offer assistance service at no cost. Still, we recommend that you take out health insurance to cover any type of mishap; this way you can be sure that any medical service you may need will be provided at no cost. Car insurance: All rates include Car insurance and collision damage (CDW) and vehicle theft protection (TP). Basic insurance limits the responsibility of the customer in case of damage, accident or theft to a franchise whose value is indicated on the voucher. . It is also possible to buy a parking card that can be used in different areas of the city of Dubai,

Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required to enter the country, but it is recommended that you check the restrictions if traveling from an area with health risks. So be careful and good luck.

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