Since Facebook has introduced the free video calling feature for its Facebook Messenger, within few weeks, WhatsApp came up with the feature of free voice calling service and has gone viral. This new feature has made the competition tough to its rival Viber, which is in the field of free voice calling since many years. But there will be an alternative for everything. Yes, it’s turn of WhatsApp now.

If you’re looking for an alternative for WhatsApp service messenger, then thanks to your luck, WhatsApp Plus, an unofficial application is offering some amazing features that would make you wonder why it was taken down from the Google Play Store from the first place.

After our team checked the WhatsApp Plus, we can say that it is better than WhatsApp. WhatsApp, which is owned and operated by Facebook banned the use of it because in their view, it’s a cloned application. Even Facebook took the app down. Notwithstanding the ban, there are many people that are using it as a regular application in their smart phones. These features will reach at peaks for the coming wonders like Note 5, Galaxy S7, LG G5, Xperia z5

Now, in spite of the ban by Facebook, WhatsApp developers have gone ahead and rolled out a ban free version of the popular application which users can install on their Android devices without having to worry about the ban by the original WhatsApp. So, what is it that sets WhatsApp Plus apart from its mother app?

Well, for starters, the ban-free WhatsApp Plus allows users to do some of the things that they could only dream of doing on the original WhatsApp. For instance, users can freeze their last seen date or even modify their last seen to another date. WhatsApp Plus users can also hide blue ticks and last seen, and still those of their friends. Apart, users are also able to hide the typing indicator as well as do some other cool stuff which was not possible in the original app.

And that’s not all; users can also change the entire look of this app and personalize it completely. WhatsApp Plus allows you to customize fonts, colors, themes and also the icons that are used in the application. While WhatsApp Plus users have had some problems in the past when using the calling feature, that problem has been solved in the recent update. All WhatsApp Plus users need to do now to use the calling feature is tap on the call icon which is located right next to a contact and start a conversation with them on your phone. Similar to WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus makes use of the internet connection to make those calls and not the network. but, You cannot update your Whatsapp status on the chrome application of Whatsapp web.

Though Facebook is trying to be a monopoly in the field of applications, it is becoming hard for it to stop to birth of new applications. WhatsApp Plus is a new app that can dominate the present WhatsApp, but according to Facebook and WhatsApp, it is a clone of their apps and hence it has to be banned before it goes viral.