You are young and independent woman, who wants to explore the world solo. Good for you! It must be a good adventure that you will always remember. How about running away from the noisy metropolis somewhere in the North America to the Asian jungle? A little bit scaring? Don’t be! There are many places in the world that are safe and comfortable for girly traveling. First of all, you need to book a car to have more opportunities for traveling. Secondly, read our helpful tips below!

Why Travel Solo?

Traveling solo takes you out of your comfort zone. You can do what you want. You can make a plan of your trip in your own way. You can relax where and when you want and need to. By the way, you have a chance to meet new people and make new friends. Do you think it is dangerous and difficult? Of course, the world is full of surprises, but the most of them can be pleasant if you know where to go. So, if you don’t know what place are the best for traveling, keep reading.

Here is the list of the best traveling spots for solo female tourists.

Best and Safe Places for Girly Vacation

  1. Rome, Italy

Rome is famous of its inspiration, friendly people, tasty food, and romantic. Being a girl, you can walk down the crowded streets and find a couple of new friends or even a marriage proposal. Anyway, the city is full of attractions. You have a chance to see and learn more about the Roman Empire by visiting such popular touristic attractions as Coliseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon. You can explore the city as much as you can.

  1. Melbourne, Australia

Oh, legendary Melbourne can boast its melodic alive music, rich culture, Michelin restaurants. It is named one of the best places to travel solo. This place is rightly named the cultural capital of Australia, impressing you with its green gardens, accurate parks, theaters, museums and galleries, shops and old Victorian building at every corner. This is one of the safest cities for solo travelers. You can even try to have a long walk at night and be safe and secure. People can easily understand English here. So, you can get where you want without efforts.

Eggs Benedict at Speakeasy

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is considered to be one of the most attractive places for solo travelers in Europe. It is bright, friendly and absolutely safe city, full of undiscovered places. Amsterdam is also called the North Venice. It attracts you with its beautiful channels, world popular museums, romantic bridges, and old architecture. You should come here if you want to feel the old European culture to the full! There is something special for every traveler here.

  1. New York, USA

You know what, looking for a good place for solo traveling, you shouldn’t go far. You can have a good time even here, in New York. Follow the guide and explore the streets of Manhattan. Galleries, museums, interesting restaurants are waiting for you. If you are traveling on budget, just go to the Central Park or legendary Times Square.

Another calm October evening

  1. Montreal, Canada

If you want to know what is Europe by taste for low cost, welcome to Montreal. This is a place of rich history and culture. It impresses you with the old harbor, beautiful river views, big and small French restaurants, historic museums, and old-fashioned paved streets from the 17th century. You can also find numerous bars and night clubs at every step. Canadians are friendly and nice. That’s why Montreal is the safest city you could travel to. Oh, don’t forget to visit one more extremely beautiful place – Niagara Falls!

  1. Bali, Indonesia

Relaxing beaches, ancient churches, cheap hotels and food – these are the main reason why people come here. Even budget travelers are welcomed. The luxury resorts attract the most by their clean and accurate condition, soft sandy beaches, and tropical greenery. This is a place you can realize that solo traveling is absolutely real.

Bali, Indonesia

Before you start packing, try to remember a good booking service to books a hotel. It you want to make your trip cheaper, try to book a car, hotel or even restaurant beforehand. Besides, when was the last time you went traveling? When was the last time you felt absolutely free from your work, duties and people around? Your hairstyle, nails color and even your clothes is not important. You can travel solo and this is great! Just take a break from your routine life and book tickets to one of the cities above. You may find your own place, where you feel the most comfortable. But remember, your safety goes first. Thus, being female solo tourist is possible!

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