Garage doors are not only essential for your car parking at home, but also an integral feature of the security of your home. To install a garage door might seem a daunting task as it requires consideration of a lot of different aspects.

However, breaking down the essential things to consider when installing a garage door into different categories helps a lot. For instance, with the passage of time, technology for the garage door locks and openers has evolved significantly. Now, there are a lot of varying types of garage doors to select from different price ranges.

Therefore, if you’re thinking to install a garage door, this article will help you guide about the actual cost of installing a new garage door.

Garage door installation cost on average

On average, the cost of garage door installation is around $900, according to data by HomeAdvisor members. It might be lucrative for people good at craftsmanship to take this up as a DIY project, but it is advisable to leave it for the professionals. Professionals mostly take five hours to do the job while if you want to do it on your own, you have to have at least 9 hours at hand to spare for this.

Elements of garage door installation cost

So, you have an estimated price of installing a garage door. However, it doesn’t end here. Numerous factors affect the cost of installing the garage door. Some of which typically include the following:

  • Finding a contractor

Many companies are offering the services of garage door installation. Don’t jump on the first one you come across. It is highly possible that one contractor may offer lesser rates than the other one. Review and survey at least three different contractors so that you have the price estimates to compare.

  • Door models and styles

Prices of the garage doors hugely depend on the material or model you choose for your home. Single tilt-up models cost less than single roll-up models, while pure wood custom models go up to $3,000.

Additionally, what can affect the cost of installing your garage door is the addition of the features of your choice. Garage door with windows on the top, for instance, would cost you more than the one without a window. Also, if you go for steel frames or decorative wooden frames, it might be a little heavy on the pocket.

  • Garage door openers

With the technology ever evolving, the garage door locks also come in with various features. If you go for a high-tech automatic secure door lock, it might cost you $50-60 more. If you are a tech-savvy and want a garage door opener with battery backup, soundless operation, and remote access from your smartphone, then be ready to add approximately $470-500 to the whole cost.

  • Insulation

Installation is vital for garage doors. It keeps your car safe from extreme atmospheric effects and maintains the temperature. It is another crucial factor that you should be thinking about when calculating the cost of your garage door installation.

The raised panel garage doors with insulation will cost you more depending on the size of your door. The bigger the garage door, the more insulation is required and thus more additional cost.

  • Garage door screens

It is an added feature in your garage keeping mosquitoes and other bugs at bay. The average price of a garage screen is $500. The screen lowers the garage entrance and comes in various forms such as motorized automatic screens or retractable ones.

Final thoughts

All in all, the basic cost of a garage door installation is $900. However, the addition of various extra features such as lighting, models, openers keeps adding to the real cost. However, labor charges charged by the contractor are included in the basic cost.

Let us know if our guide to the actual garage door installation was helpful for you.

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