An long lost trend is  making an astonishing comeback in the audio world. Digital music players. You thought they were extinct, didn’t you? Well, they are back and better than ever. Think of these portable devices as iPods, but on some serious steroids. They play glorious high-resolution audio, have attractive looks and will save you so much storage space on your iPhone. Check out these amazing digital music players on the market right now!

1. Astell & Kern Kann

This digital audio player is the most versatile of them all. Astell & Kern make the leading DAPs on the market. The Kaan consists of some amazing features. The built-in amp with normal/high gain switch allows you to operate the most demanding headphones with ease. There are 64GB in the internal flash memory as well as a micro SD card and a full size SD card slot for all your storage needs. The battery life lasts up to 15 hrs giving you enough time to play through all that memory.  Plus, the Kann digital music player has two of everything. Two line-out ports, two memory card slots, two USB ports and two headphone jacks! Astell & Kern went above and beyond with this digital music player, making sure it has all the bells and whistles for one delightful music listening experience. Not to mention, the futuristic and minimalist design make it that much better. A unique thing about the Kann is that it is extremely durable too. It’s strong, sturdy and will last you for years and years of non-stop hi-resolution audio bliss!

2. Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX2

This digital music player sounds just as good as it looks. The Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX2 simply provides the highest quality audio resolution to ensure you hear the music just as the artist intended. This High Resolution Audio, which is far higher in quality compared to CDs and MP3s, is optimized through advanced S-Master HX technology. Even compressed audio files are upscaled closer to High-Resolution Audio with DSEE HX for rich studio sound. Somehow, Sony figured out how to play all of this high-resolution quality with over 33 hours of battery life. This is a top of the line digital music player that most audiophiles gravitate to for its impeccable sound quality, extensive file support and quality build that will last a lifetime.

3. Hifiman HM901S 

This audio player claims to have the best sound quality by using, “a pair of top-of-the-line DAC chips from ESS technology.” These chips are incorporated per each individual channel. This produces a warm sound and emphasizes midrange reproduction. This device also includes a high and low range gain mode in order to accommodate most every pair of headphones on the market. Not only do they have two DAC chips but also two batteries incorporated into a dual voltage system. This allows the device to produce +/- 7.4 volts, 2,000 mah without causing additional power-supply noise. This device seals its uniqueness by having a removable amplifier card insuring you can customize your device to your exact needs. If you are looking for a versatile, more advanced digital audio player, the Hifiman HM901s is the way to go.

3. Pioneer XDP-300R-B

The Pioneer XDP-300R-B stands out amongst the other digital music players because it runs on the Android operating system and it even comes with Play Store accessibility. Built-in, there is even Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and aptX capabilities. It comes with 32GB of internal memory but also has two different microSD card slots that can hold up to 200 GB each. This device also has dual DACs and 9601K amps to insure a balanced output and highest quality playback. This digital audio player has stunning aesthetics with it’s black metal and gold details. It’s well built and certainly not too flashy.

4. Questyle Qp2R 

Quality is taken to the next level with the Queststyle Qp2R. Four groups of Current Mode Amplifier circuits are located strategically to insure ultra low distortion. This is the first portable DAP in the world to use Class A BIAS control system. This system ensures that the Current Mode Amplifiers operate in a pure Class A state when driving headphones or speakers. Built-in there are 64GB of memory and a 200GB microSD card slot for external expansion. Overall, the Questyle QP2R will make instantly make the best of whatever you pair it with. This digital music player has a super simple, yet exquisite design that is hard not to love.  Though it isn’t very cheap, it’s will play your music with a super controlled bass, supports just about any audio type, and will impress any audiophile. If you are in the market for a digital music player, this one is definitely worth keeping in mind!


If you are tired of constantly having to free up storage space on your iPhone due to the hundreds and hundreds of songs you have downloaded, if you make your own music and need somewhere safe to store it, or if you just want access to high-resolution audio anywhere you go, then you should definitely think about treating yourself to a digital music player. They are reliable, durable and stylish. Most every digital music player has outstanding battery life, so instead of killing your phone battery, you can use your digital music player to play nonstop tunes during long flights, work hours, or on a hike! Even though you may have thought digital music players went extinct when the first iPod came out, they are still very much alive, and very much worth the investment!

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