It is clear that some people love animals more than other people. In some cases, we may find that it is more difficult to love our neighbour than our own pet. In fact, some people better appreciate their pets than their own best friends. In reality, human kind is an animal that strives to work against one another. With this statement in mind, we should have a sneak peek into why people love our pets more than people who share our office space. There’s an obvious fact that animals love us unconditionally and this could become a magic elixir for many people. This is simply “the secret sauce” that makes our lives more exciting, despite poor relationships with some people. This may sound somewhat cynical, but many people who have pets tend to think like that. In fact, there are many support groups and self help groups still in existence. They tend to deal with things related to social shortcomings, such as smoking cessation, alcoholism, drug abuse and other negative impacts caused by faulty social interactions.

Why People Love Animals More Than Other People

On the other hand, we never hear a support group made for people who have bad relationship with their pets, although some people do have pets hoarding problems that need to be treated properly. When dealing with other people socially, we should be true to ourselves and be our true self. As long as we don’t intend to harm others psychologically and physically, we won’t let down others too often. We won’t make the world more toxic, if we are able to be sincere like what pets do for us. Obviously, we won’t be able to have perfect social relationship, but we shouldn’t spread our debauchery everywhere we stop, talk and walk. We should be aware that we could be in a lecherous mood and we should avoid wallowing in our own toxic ocean. If not, we should laugh ourselves when we are in our momentary period of blind rage. Interactions with people are certainly more complex, we need to deal with over charges, legal stuff, bills, insurance mishaps and others.

Having a pet is obviously an inescapable alternative and this could be driven by our own agitation. We are not angels and we are being driven on a daily basis by bad intentions, although we are often able to resist them. But, during our weaker times, we could begin to do bad things to others. In this case, we should be aware that we have choice, whether we should do things properly or improperly. Many people find it easier to love their pets than their own best friends, but we should try to see things for what they truly are. We should be disgruntled with humanity and get pissed off. We may love our pet parrots more than our annoying neighbour, but it is important to keep everything in perspective. We are in charge of ourselves and we should be grateful of many things in life. In fact, social relationships could also be therapeutic, if we can find the right people.

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