Among the many inventory management solutions available to business houses, the best and the latest one to become popular is the solution that offers a free demo version. This demo version can be downloaded to the computer of any enterprise looking for an affordable solution. The demo version gives you a chance to find out the features that are relevant to you and those which are not. Once you know you requirements from the solution, you can buy the plan accordingly and save money on what is not required for your business.

Downloading the Programs

The demo version of the application can be downloaded to any computer and the installation process is automatic. But to know how the different features of the application work you need to know the specific steps. The instructions on how to use Inventory Management Program of the application are also available on the site. You can get them by clicking on the “Download Instruction” button. The instructions are downloaded in PDF format.

Using the Programs

The downloaded application considers the computer where it has been downloaded to be the first computer by default. You have to designate the computer as a server by going to the “Programs/Settings/Network” option and then clicking on the option that says “This computer is a server.” This option for all other computers where the application has been downloaded should be “This computer is a client and it connects to the server”.  The next step for starting work of Inventory Management Program is to go to the “Setting/Calculations/Display Prices/….” and selecting settings that are relevant to you. After the initial settings are done, you can commence work by creating warehouses and the required documents pertaining to each warehouse.