If you are a smoker, it’s highly likely that you have contemplated quitting. Smoking can cause serious health problems and place you at increased risk for diseases such as lung cancer. Moreover, studies have shown that smoking can cause damage to nearly every organ in the body.

The reasons to quit are compelling, but it is not as easy as it seems. Many who try to quit smoking end up picking the habit back up again. As such, healthcare providers are now recommending electronic cigarettes as a safe way to quit smoking. Thus far, electronic cigarettes have been shown to be more effective in helping people stop smoking altogether.

Have You Wanted To Stop Smoking?

Reducing Health Risks

Electronic cigarettes are healthier than cigarettes. Cigarettes have a high volume of carcinogens in them. Carcinogens are directly associated with cancer. Cigarettes have many carcinogens and harmful chemicals, including carbon monoxide, ammonia, and others. They have been directly tied to cancers, most notably of the lungs, oesophagus, and mouth.

Electronic cigarettes have not been associated with cancer. Furthermore, they do not have nearly as many carcinogens in them. Some studies have shown that electronic cigarettes have approximately 1/6 the amount of carcinogens that cigarettes contain. This makes them a much safer alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Cigarettes have been associated with stained teeth, bad breath, and a reduced sense of taste and smell. Ex-smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes have reported experiencing an increased sense of taste and smell.

Overall, electronic cigarettes are a much healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have far fewer carcinogens and have not been associated with cancer or other negative health effects such as bad breath and diminished senses.

Providing a Simulated Smoking Experience

Electronic cigarettes closely simulate smoking without the harmful side effects. Most attempts to quit through the use of patches or gums fail because they do not mimic the sensation of smoking. Nucig, the electric cigarette company, sells electronic cigarettes that look and feel like real cigarettes. Many ex-smokers who have switched to electronic cigarettes enjoy being able to simulate the act of smoking.

Preferred by Health Care Providers

Electronic cigarettes are preferred by health care providers. Most health care providers would prefer that you Vape instead of smoke. Doctors understand the risks that come from smoking and would rather you replace the habit with something that has not been found to cause health problems.

In addition to electronic cigarettes being preferred by health care providers, they are also preferred by the public. The public does not mind the use of electronic cigarettes nearly as much as smoking. Electronic cigarettes do not produce second-hand smoke or an unpleasant odour; therefore, they are more socially acceptable.

Ultimately, if you have wanted to stop smoking cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are a great replacement. Electronic cigarettes reduce the risk of health problems whilst also providing a simulated smoking experience. They are socially acceptable and preferred by health care providers. Electronic cigarettes are the perfect way to quit smoking and regain control of your life.

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