There are many types of entertainers and stage hypnotists are among them. These people use hypnosis as entertainment purposes, instead for medical purposes. There’s some controversy that surrounds the use of hypnosis for entertainment. Stage hypnosis can be quite entertaining and extremely enlightening for the audience. The show often begins with the hypnotist telling a short background story about specific topics and they insert some pre-talks as they see fit. In fact, there are cases where the entire audience is subjected lighter effects of hypnosis. In general, people will think that hypnotists are real experts on the subject and they should be trusted.

Bruce Black's comedy hypnosis show

Obviously, the more challenging part of the show is to get some of the audience on the stage, so they can be hypnotized. The number of people brought to the stage can be quite numerous. As many as 20 people could be told to sit on the chairs. In general, hypnotists choose people who can receive their suggestions better, although they seem to be chosen somewhat randomly. As the performance progress, the entertainment value of the show seems to increase and hypnotized people are told to do various amusing, embarrassing and in some more extreme cases, degrading things.

Hypnotists also add some music to the show to create more action and real dazzling display. When the performance ends, all suggestions are removed by the hypnotists and people seem to have no memory about the event. Usually, hypnotists will receive a standing ovation. The biggest appeal about stage hypnosis is the mystery that lies behind it. It could amaze people how hypnotists could influence people and even, make these individual perform extraordinary things. Although they have seen more than a few hypnosis shows before, there’s always a sense of fear and anticipation in the air. Hypnotists are also noted for their confidence, because there’s no guarantee that what they do will always succeed on the stage.

For some people, stage hypnosis performance is quite repulsive. They simply dislike anything that seems to humiliate people openly. It’s a sad fact that it’s not too far from the truth. These performers could use embarrassing suggestions blatantly, so they can produce a more amusing show. This thing can be quite upsetting and the risk of humiliating the audience is something that many performers don’t consider seriously. People who have been humiliated on the stage could receive implications in real life and they could lose respect from friends, co-workers and business partners. It is not too hard to imagine that these people will be ridiculed for years by their friends for their embarrassing acts on the stage.

This is essentially something that isn’t worth a few seconds of cheap laugh. Entertainers who want to practice stage hypnosis should make sure that they are able to respect their audience. Hypnosis is officially used in healthcare treatments, so stage hypnotists shouldn’t do harm socially, mentally and physically.

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