Mobile applications are booming in today’s business world where entrepreneurs more preferably struggling to find out the most reliable sources for the development of mobile application for their business. But, while getting into the development project many entrepreneurs make crucial mistakes by limiting their knowledge of true development costs. They rather falsely believe that the cost of app development limits with the developer.

Let’s keep an eye onto the below listed hidden costs required to develop a mobile application.

App Store Cost: Retaining a mobile app in the store or market isn’t free. As a matter of fact, Microsoft and Apple apps have a specific yearly fee, whereas Google costs a one-time fee. Keep in mind; these fees are not deal breakers. But, to anticipate them, you should preferably choose the native app route.

Multiple Platforms Cost: This is one of the biggest unexpected shocks you might face while creating your mobile application. Mobile platforms involve various programming languages. In easy words, an iOS platform won’t support an Android application, and in the same way an Android platform won’t support an iOS application. On this ground, for you, if you are planning to get both – iOS and Android mobile application development services, the cost would be for sure more expensive. After all, you will require experienced engineers and designers, for both iOS and Android as well.

App Designing Cost: Never assume that a mobile app developer can also manage the design. A good designer is absolutely crucial for any app’s success. As said, a poorly designed and confusing application is one of the major reasons of getting it uninstalled. Here the cost largely depends on your requirements and targeted audience. For example, you for sure require more design efforts if your application aims at mass consumer distribution. But, the cost can be managed if your app is built for the internal use of your sales team.

Back-end Hosting and Development Cost: People mostly ignore or are unaware of the amount actually crops up on a server. Server programming can spike up the development charges very quickly. Think where you will store your application data. You need to store your data somewhere. Storing data on the cloud, means bearing monthly hosting costs. This hosting cost differs according to the provider as well as the amount of data.

Mid-project Cost: The charges of mobile app developers are based on the initial specifications of the app. Some people need some extra features, whereas some would ask to alter the design. Any sort of changes or alterations rides up the cost. You cannot exactly estimate how much an app developer or a development company will cost you. You can only get a rough estimate. Nevertheless, the project mostly ends up with additional time and cost due to the extra updates and changes that essentially needs to be executed.

Testing Cost: The major hidden and unexpected cost with the development of mobile applications is the testing. Mostly observed, people – believing that their new mobile application will provide a great user experience and will perfectly work immediately after the launch – normally ignore the importance of testing. Thorough testing is key to be sure that your app is found out to be valuable, and to prevent the major hidden risk – the risk of ignoring or uninstalling the app. At any rate, the proper testing would cost you extra up front, but this extra cost will for sure help you avoid the hurdle down your road.

Ongoing Maintenance Cost: The application development project is not a one-time investment. It is an ongoing project. You on the regular basis need to maintain your application. – Like, you must regularly fix bugs, apply security tracts, update your app according to the new OS releases, and much more. As said, the development procedure is the cheap part. But, the maintenance is where the real expense arrives. Regular updates are an ongoing and inescapable expense in today’s shifting mobile market.

Last but not least – Marketing Cost. Marketing part is another most important expense. For instance, you create a product, and showcase it into a room with countless number of other products. Do you really think that your product will fly off the shelves and be found by users? No, not so easy. Marketing is not a magic number. You definitely require to spend a big amount for PR and Marketing support. Building an app is not enough. People won’t come, unless you don’t let them know about it. Of course, it won’t cost you cheap.

Consequently, any mobile app development cost – either iOS, Android or Windows – never limits with the developer or the development company. It rather reaches to the far side of the actual cost. Therefore, you need to plan out some unexpected, surprising hidden costs – as listed above – while starting with your project.

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