There are lot of things for the parents to do on their part to help their children suffering from autism, but for doing that they need to find a proper guidance and a support system. While you take care of a child who’s autistic, taking your own care is not selfishness- it’s mere necessity. If you grow up to be an emotionally strong parent, you can reach to your child in his need. So there’s an expert of child and adolescent psychiatry, Dr. Jonathan Lauter who helps you in providing the support system that you need in bringing up an autistic child.

Let Your Autistic Child Grow Like Any Other Kid In Your Locality

He has been practicing in New York for more than 3 decades and has completed his education from the UCSF Medical Center – Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. Having received a number of certificates and honors from various medical councils, he gradually turned out to be a trustworthy name who’ve gained enough experience of dealing with number of autistic children.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter says, that the biggest challenge that a parent might face in dealing with the autistic children is connecting with them. But for a mother, it is not necessary for her to speak in order to connect. When the baby was born, he hardly had any language, but didn’t the mother connect then? It’s the mother’s touch that expressed, her tone just made the child feel her presence. Similarly with your look, tone, touch and body language you can very easily communicate with them. Your child keeps on connecting with you even when he can’t speak, so all you need to do is just learn his language.

  • The facial expressions that the child makes, their gestures when they want something or might be feeling hungry, are some of the non verbal cues that he leaves behind. Being a parent it is your responsibility to be aware and pick these cues up as early as possible.
  • If you being a normal person can get irritated and upset when you’re not read properly, then why won’t your autistic child? Keep this in mind, that when they act out, it’s not because of their nonchalance, it’s just because you don’t get to pick up his non-verbal cues properly. Throwing away tantrum is just another way of communicating that you’re not acting accordingly.
  • A kid is a kid, be it an autistic or a normal one. Their instinct is still of a kid, so all they need is some fun than therapy. Figure out ways to have fun with him, make him smile, his adrenaline flow through his vein every now and then. These have got tremendous benefits on your child.

When it comes to treatment, there are a plethora of therapies to treat them. While some of the therapies focus on reducing problematic behaviors and building communication skills, others deal with the problems around sensory integration, motor skills, emotional issues, and other sensitivities. If you’re not capable of deciding which one to accept, arrange for a consultation with Dr. Jonathan Lauter. He’s renowned in the field and will definitely suggest you with the best option that would make a solid impact on your child. Remember one thing, the goal of this autism treatment is not to make your child realize that he’s different, but to identify the needs and bring him back to the mainstream life.

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