Tad Nelson and his criminal defense team at the law office of Tad Nelson and Associates have extensive law knowledge and expertise in defending the persons. A study by them has revealed that most of the Houston TX, DWI (Driving While intoxicated) clients have never contacted the law enforcement to defend them against the charges. Tad Nelson understands the worry and effect it have on their family, work and workplace caused by the charges of Drunk and Drive. Tad nelson has been an expert in DWI cases and made his name as a popular DWI defense attorney in Houston due to his excellent knowledge in DWI related laws, his expertise in representing you in front of jury and communicating with them. Whole process of getting arrested for DWI crime can be humiliating for all. Getting arrested, photographed and fingerprints getting scanned will be tough to handle for all. Tan Nelson will help in handling the DWI and DUI charges and help you to come out of the challenges that are related to these charges. Tad Nelson associates also defends cases involving not only individual but also involving Commercial Driver DWI cases also. Some of the charges like Intoxication manslaughter (intoxication) may amount to charges that may lead to jail term. So it is better to have expert attorney defending you in this kind of charges.

Defense Attorney For You In Houston DWI

Charges that are defended by Nelson and Associates

We do pride our expertise in defending charges on Driving while intoxicated, drive under the influence of drugs, Underage drinking and Driving, DWI with child on Board, intoxication Assault,  intoxication man slaughter(Involuntary). Since laws and detection techniques keep changing, we keep our self updated with constant changes of law. Our expertise comes from the extensive studies on laws, attending seminars across the country, workshops and classes on DUI and DWI. Punishment and severity of it vary depending up on prior offense records, whether child was on board, level of alcohol in blood. Penalties range from fine, suspension of driving license to jail terms will be imposed based on the level of charges. So it is a must you have an expert handling these charges at your side. Tad Nelson and associates are familiar with different strategies and wide number of available options. Amount of charges normally vary from First time offenders to Felony for third time DWI.

In case if you have been charged with drunk driving, you need to contact Houston DWI defense attorney, as the charges may be prosecuted as Felony. Felony is more serious crime that is more than misdemeanors. You need to have an expert by your side to counter those charges in the court. Tad Nelson situated in Studewood Street and can be contact at any time over the phone to have appointments. Even they have options of giving appointments after work hours and week end. In case if you hesitant to visit their office, you can arrange the appointment in your place itself. They accept payment over the cards.

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