One of the biggest challenges that SEO consultants face is creating a proper proposal for their clients. In general, proposal should be direct in communicating messages to our clients. We should get a feel of their requirements and expectations. In this case, our proposal should be customized based on specific situation. Proposal should begin with an introduction. It would be much better if we have prior communication with clients before we create the proposal. In this case, we should make sure that we outline our company’s philosophy and mission. We should steer away from mentioning something dubious or controversial.

In highly competitive business, SEO is considered as essential. Before we write a proposal, it is important that we have done enough research about the company. In this case, we need to be particularly specific. This will allow us to create proper plans based on the requirements of the company. It is a good idea to start with the main body, followed by other components, such as introduction, site analysis and others. The main body of our proposal should mention how our SEO campaign is performed and what results we need to expect at specific periods.

This will allow clients to know what they need to expect. When explaining tools, technology and processes in main body, we should describe them in greater details. As an example, we could say that we will perform a deliberate and thorough study to find out things that prevent search engines from completely indexing our website. This should allow us to create content that can be accessed easily by search engine spiders.

The introduction itself should be short and direct. Business professionals are more concerned about process and expected results. The next thing that we should add is the current status of the website and this could be included in the website analysis. We need to cite current search engine ranks, SEO friendliness, technical factors that we can improve and others. We should also mention very serious things, such as factors that have prevented search engines from indexing many webpages. We may also present a competition analysis and we could mention the degree of the competition in specific industry, as well as the current status of competitors.

Basically, with a professional, we want to let clients know what their website needs and things that we can do for it. This shouldn’t be a tricky part when writing proposal, if we have performed proper research on the website. Obviously, many consultants can be concerned that these “prospective clients” are simply people who gather free recommendation, so they can implement this on their own. In the proposal, we could simply say things that we can get from clients without revealing a good deal of specific. It takes some efforts to promise good things to clients without showing all details.

By performing the above steps, we should be able to obtain plenty of positive responses from clients. We may eventually obtain the project or even start a long-term relationship with the client.

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