When we browse through the magazines in the dentist’s waiting room, we could see endless and fascinating photos of celebrities. Political giants, film stars, musicians and all the rich and famous could have their photos taken without their knowledge. When we open celebrity gossip websites, there is usually special news about latest pictures of these famous people and it appears that they don’t know that they are being photographed. It is clear that pictures speak much louder than simple words. Each publication may have its own editorial personality and specialties. All the fun could be shown in imagery, as well as the background story behind these pictures.

It could be interesting to see pictures of celebrities in their unguarded moments, but it is interesting to know who were able to take these shots. The mythical paparazzi are the life and blood of the entertainment news industry. They are paid for interesting photos, although it means that they need to take pictures of the celebrities in their private moments.

Among celebrities, paparazzi are seen as invaders who can be likened as mosquitoes, because they are so annoying. However, much the interesting developments in news, TV and films are actually the results of paparazzi’s works. The audience are also interested with what’s happening with celebrities. They buy the magazines, watch gossip TV news and visit celebrity websites.

Paparazzi are essentially an Italian term for any photojournalist who regularly takes candid photos of celebrities and any prominent people. They are imaginative and skilled photographers who are affiliated to the mainstream media. Given their employment status, paparazzi are considered as freelance photographers. But, there are also firms that employ photographers who work as paparazzi. Any photo produced would be supplied to the media and various publications.

Eventually, their photos will be shown on online news agencies and magazines. It is not possible for celebrities to fight against paparazzi. These photographers are legally seen as law abiding professionals who are allowed to snap pictures by the First Amendment. As long as these people don’t intrude celebrities personally and take pictures in public spaces, they are allowed to take pictures.

When talking about paparazzi, we could imagine them hanging out in trees. However, in reality, they have access to popular events that will be attended by celebrities. They also know the address and the car of the celebrities. Often, these celebs go outside and behaving like normal people. Paparazzi love to take pictures of celebrities in their normal appearance. The audience often wants to see how celebrities look like when they are not walking on the red carpet and posing in front of many photographers. It is clear that being paparazzi can be quite challenging. They could spend hours under the hot sun without real results.

Paparazzi are always looking for celebrities who are doing something very extraordinary. This will allow them to sell the pictures for higher prices. Posed shots are not really their goals.

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