It would seem that stress is a faithful companion for people in the 21st century. So much so that we no longer question it, but rather accept it and carry on.

As the English would say „Just grin and bear it!“

However, what if this could, somehow, be turned in our favour?

What if, instead of being constantly locked in a waltz with the bad kind of stress we could actually elect to keep company with good stress?

Eustress Vs Distress

Many do not even know that there is such a thing as a good stress.

But there is, and it has a name – eustress.

And, this is the kind we actually want to have in our lives. That intoxicating sensation of excitement, raised energy and eagerness.

It is actually stress, but instead of being detrimental to our bodies it propels us to move forward, keeping our mind alert and causing us to give the best performance.

We have all experienced that. A promotion at work, learning something new, getting married, having a child or pocketing a neat profit in binary options trading. In all these cases people were under stress, but instead of feeling helpless and blocked by it, they were feeling happy and elated.

On the other hand, distress is the kind that can have serious consequences when it comes to our well-being, both physical and mental. Sadly, the tendency to accept this state of being has become wide-spread.

It has become normal to be overworked, overwhelmed and constantly tired. Yet, what we all fail to realise is that constant exposure to distress leads to poor decision making. That, in turn, just leads to more distress. The vicious circle just keeps repeating itself.

In most cases, it leads to harmful coping patterns like substance abuse, aggression, overeating/not eating or even depression etc.

The physical manifestations are not any easier to deal with and include high blood pressure, profuse sweating, muscle tension, insomnia and, in severe cases, constant panic attacks.

Needless to say, existing in such a state for a long period of time can have permanent and irreversible consequences to our health.

Stress Coping Mechanisms

The reality of life is that it is not possible to avoid stress.

However, instead of trying to achieve the impossible and eradicate stress from our daily lives. Actually, we would be much better off in investing a bit of time and energy into learning how to manage it.

While the task at hand is not simple, it is well worth taking on.

In fact, it has now become so important that people learn the stress coping mechanisms that it actually became a lucrative industry. Thankfully, with the Internet, it is not necessary to spend huge sums but rather to gather some useful info and then embark on execution.

After all, just a few handy tips can help in alleviating the negative effects of distress and make a huge change.

Depending on the kind of person you are, these methods can take people from a nervous wreck to healthy, highly functioning individuals.

Handy Tips to De-stress from Distress

For those who enjoy physical activity, taking up a new sport, hobby or getting a dog can be hugely beneficial.

Procrastination is a tendency most of the human beings share. And while it might be fun while we are doing it, what comes next are feelings of guilt and then panic which lead to stress. Stop putting things off.

Get plenty of sleep and try to eat healthy food.

Avoid people or situations that stress you out.

Don’t bottle up your emotions, voice them and move on.

Do not constantly ask for approval from others.

Be kind to yourself.

Learn to say NO and stop chasing perfectionism.

Set your priorities and be grateful for the things you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have.

Spend some time simply listening to your own mind and discover what makes you happy.

Breathe deeply.

Experiencing stress is a fact of life, but it does not have to destroy its beauty.

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