Hearing And Memory Connections

Research shows that from the time we are in the womb our hearing starts to develop. We can hear the sounds of voices, noises, and numerous tones and pitches from within the womb. The connection from our hearing actually is what determines and develops our memories. At birth, we have developed memories of the sounds we heard while still in the womb. Things like our parents voices, music, and rumblings of washers and other sounds that we have internalized as memories.

Treating Hearing Loss Can Improve Your Memory

Research has shown that as human beings are like sponges and whatever we hear is in fact what begins the birth of our memories. Our hearing is also the first sensory we use, and the core of our learning ability.

Our Memories Are Born From Our Five Senses

Our memories are as if a camera is taking constant pictures. Memories are made from the back to basic elementary teaching of the five senses. Sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. When we see an apple our brain remembers the sight. When we hear sounds, our brain remembers the tune. When we touch, we remember the softness. When we smell, our brain remembers the scent. Giving us the ability to identify and recall that specific memory as all of our senses are connected to the memory cells within the brain.

If we close our nose and put an apple in our mouths, we cannot taste the apple, nor know what it is if we were blind folded. If we took away all of our senses and only had our hearing intact we would be able to recall almost every memory ever retained because even if we lose all other senses we can recall all the senses of everything we have learned through sound. We can recall the look, taste, touch, smell, and sound memories all from being able to hear.

The Ability To Retain Memories And Form New Memories

As we go through life all of our learning processes are inherited by those facts. As we get older, many people lose their ability to recall certain memories if they lose senses. For instance; if we lose our sense of smell, we cannot form new memories by scent. In fact, all of the previously retained memories disappear from our grasp. If we lose our hearing, we cannot form new memories from sound, and the memories we have retained from the past that were learned from all senses will fade away.

Remember to Care For The Health Of Your Hearing

By being able to assess your hearing health and to continue to protect it, is so important to our overall health and wellness. If we have any hearing loss, we should get it taken care of and treated right away.  Good hearing should last a lifetime and if you need help with hearing loss-reach out.  You wouldn’t want to miss out on any new memories to come.

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