The internet of things might seem as though it’s something new, but it has been around for a while. In particular, tech companies have pushed for it to come into fruition. It can now be considered a regularity within the industry. 


What is the internet of things?

The internet of things (IoT) is essentially about creating a network that allows devices to contact one another and communicate to us, other devices and other applications. A good example of how this has come into play is through smart home devices. Talking to the device to gain information or to fulfil certain tasks is Internet of Things at its full capability. Similarly, smart meters in homes can provide you with information on how much energy your home is using and appliances that are using the most of this energy.

There are several industries that are now adopting this innovative technology with it soon expected to become the norm.


How is it benefitting the industrial industry?

Due to the success of the technology in several industries, the manufacturing industry are also taking on the technology to improve their products and services and there are several ways that they are currently achieving this:


Increasing Energy Efficiency

There is a great emphasis on industrial and manufacturing industries to reduce the amount of energy they currently produce, particularly is it’s one of their biggest expenses. Industrial industries require energy for their lighting and operating their machines. The problem lies in the fact that businesses find it difficult to break down where their biggest expense is coming from with their energy use. IoT can help to monitor the energy use and provide information of how the energy use can be managed more efficiently.


Facility Management

Industrial businesses work in large commercial spaces where heavy machinery is being used so temperature requires to be controlled. This is the reason that industrial ventilation is installed into the business, to help with airflow within the environment. IoT can help this even further by installing sensors in the building which can monitor and alert others when the environment isn’t within its controlled temperature/airflow.



Another concern of industrial and manufacturing industries is the safety and security of employees and the business. Regardless of whether its in a physical or online setting, IoT can help to manage safety and security in the workplace. Data analysis can be provided to record injuries sustained, absences, illness etc.

These are all important factors that can be addressed within industrial businesses that can help to improve their overall safety and products.

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