The kitchen is becoming more than just a room in the house where the food is made. With a bigger urge for many homeowners to have a large kitchen, it’s now a place where many friends and many members of the family can congregate. 

As such, modern kitchen designs are now offering spaces that provide a lounge area in the kitchen. This encourages the ‘hosting’ element when it comes to dinner parties and dates in the home.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your modern kitchen lounge, here are a few to consider to create a comfy area for your guests whilst you cook and serve some great food.

Incorporate a Fireplace

For a really cosy atmosphere that can be provided in your kitchen lounge, there’s nothing that says warmth like gathering around the fireplace. Comfortable seating around the dining area and a mixture of bright colours around a vivid coloured theme make it a perfect place for your guests to enjoy. 

Place a cosy, thick rug in the centre underneath armless sofas to provide the ultimate lounging experience. You may be surprised to find that your guests may not even want to get up from their seat to eat!

Be inspired by rocks

A recent modern inspiration that has been favoured by many stylists is the incorporation of the ‘rock wall’. It provides an elegant division between the lounge area and the kitchen, splitting from a themed coloured kitchen to the lair-like tone of the lounge.

To ensure there’s a comfy differentiation between the kitchen and the lounge, equip it with a large rug that your guests feet can get snug into. 

Keep a cohesive colour palette

Whilst in some cases, a divide between the kitchen and the lounge can work well, other kitchen’s work well with a cohesive theme at the forefront. Being able to blend the two together provides a sense of closeness with you and your guests whilst hosting in the kitchen.

Cohesion with furniture and the main assets of the kitchen can complement the theme perfectly. For example, charcoal coloured kitchen cabinets provide a furniture-like effect to the pieces that are also found in the kitchen lounge. 

Blur the lines of kitchen and lounge

Similarly how a colour palette can provide cohesion between the lounge and the kitchen, the same can be done through furniture and spaces that you find. Rather than having traditional dining chairs and sets, consider furnitures such as kitchen benches and sofa areas to provide a comforting setting to your lounge area setup.

Spaces being filled in the kitchen with lounge assets can also help to merge the areas together. Think of assets that would look comfortable in a lounge as well as the kitchen. For example, book cases are a perfect example where it could compliment your kitchen as well as sitting beside your lounge area. 

Be creative

There are many options that are available to you when it comes to how you can create your lounge in your kitchen. It’s good to consider the space that you have and the area in the house that your kitchen is.

More space means more assets available to merge your kitchen and lounge space together. Think of modern styles that provide comfort and look easy on the eye when incorporating it into your kitchen.

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